broom (again)

Sweeping surges have been made by our fair baseball program. We have been spring cleaning and racking up win-after-win-after-win in the SEC. We just swept the top 2 teams in the SEC East not called Bulldogs: S. Carolina and Kentucky. We stand alone. 8 straight SEC wins. We may be hanging 2 SEC banners in the top men’s sports when this season is done: Basketball (SEC Champs) and Baseball (We can be SEC Champs…at least). We were pretty good in football, too (NUMBER 2). We are the new all sports’ mecca in the SEC. Gators are done holding that title. Florida won their first ever SEC football title in 1991 and more recently went 3 for 3 in the biggest 2 sports, with National Titles. You have no real history, and the future belongs to the DAWGS. Nice run gay-turds, but it is OVER!!!