BHB RECOMMENDS: “Build Brand YoU” (book, 2020, get it today at Amazon) by Georgia Dad and SEC alumnus Vince Thompson. Thompson grew up in the rural Deep South and overcame myriad obstacles, which he flipped over, used as lessons or ran right through in his life’s work in the college sports reporting and then sports marketing spheres.

Here in a concise, clear, specifically-detailed book he shows recent or soon-to-be college graduates excactlty how to enact the types of tenacious techniques and creative doer mindsets to land their first jobs, get dream jobs, grow and prosper. This is the gift you get for your big-kid that pays real tangible dividends for them and for you, y’all.

I implore anyone seeking a career shift, and that’s still true for all ages, to absorb and enact the valuable insights here, which Thompson used in building MELT (in Atlanta) to one of the biggest sports marketing, sporting life and sports business agencies in the world. Thompson knows his stuff, and as he has helped thousands with his acclaimed MELTU internship program, talk shows and lectures, he can help you and your family grow dough.

These valuable lessons apply to any field of business.

“I’m a Georgia State University Dad now, and I got this book for my college-age son Owen to get his mindset right in moving toward the real work world, while he’s still in school. My copy I thought of as just a souvenir, since I’ve become fast friends with Vince; we are both ATL sports networking enthusiasts and major practitioners. But as I read it, I realized I needed to share this with others and – even at age 50 with all the business experience I have – was taking things from it to apply to my own career(s)” -Han Vance, UGA Class of 1998, father of three, writer and business leader