Bye Week Bonanza

Bye Week Bonanza

Han Vance on Georgia football: While I would surely love to crank out another say six BLAWGS for y’all in five days like I did last week coming off the worst upset loss since at least 1994, I simply can’t – time nor money – afford to do so this week, especially with no actual live Georgia football to view. If you can please hire me to do some writing or branding work – NOT LIKE THIS, OF COURSE – for your small-to-medium sized business, I would greatly appreciate it and would like to do that: – Rates are reasonable, professional business references are available.

I’m also willing to part with this amazing Impressionist painting, by a Macon-based artist, of Knowshon Moreno for a far below-market $250 (or just $200, plus shipping). Trying to fundraise somewhat desperately for Jacksonville, although I have a free place to stay with an old college roomie in St. Marys, Ga., and I have free tickets courtesy of the Hilleys (6th-generation UGA). My Venmo is: @hanish-vance if you want to straight up contribute $15. FREE FOOTBALL MEDIA: BIG HAIRY BLAWG is now over 12 years old, and I can tell you from experience that teenagers are expensive to maintain. I do all this Georgia football writing for free, after working for a media brand last two seasons.

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Quick look at the CFP, today: First off let me say it is straight garbage. American college football is the only sport in the whole world decided in a popularity contest then a two-round “tournament,” where old blowhards got to sit in a room and debate the relative merits of teams that never faced one another and have virtually the same resumes, while eating a cheese plate. It is the least fair “system” or so-called system in the world for deciding a champion of anything. When I explain to a layman, say a foreign friend, what WE do, they say: You have to be kidding me. It can and must change!

When the first College Football Playoff committee releases their rankings at the start of next month on Tuesday, November 5th and then every Tuesday, the old AP Poll – where Georgia is still 10th – and the Coaches Poll – where Georgia is up to 8th – and the FPI (Football Power Index) – where Georgia is in its strongest position at 6th – will all be 100% invalidated and discredited, until after the final CFP rankings, which come out before the bowl games. The final polls still matter, but only because the committee is done pre-bowls.

The CFP slots all the New Year’s 6 bowls, not the conferences and bowl committees as in the past. The factors they most value are: quality wins (Georgia has the single best one, versus Notre Dame), record (Georgia is currently not even the top-ranked one-loss team, folks), bad losses versus good losses versus standard losses (Florida and Notre Dame have the best single losses of any one-loss teams, while Georgia has the second worst loss in the whole country, was first-worst before the amazing Wisconsin plummet) and worst of all, reputation or the so-called “eye test.” They have repeatedly shown to, not value much, conference championships and to, not value enough, head-to-head wins. Their eyes lie, too.

Factually, Notre Dame could get the CFP playoff nod over a one-loss Georgia, you see.

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A “Top 10 win” is only truly a top 10 win if the losing side is in the FINAL CFP rankings before the bowls. The committee reranks every week and, listen to this crap, is asked to reevaluate, each and every week, every single football game that was played prior throughout the whole season, weighing what it means right now that say so-and-so did what to whom in August (100% impossible).

I project LSU to be the new number one, after beating Auburn on the Bayou. They have the best wins, and the rankings will be right before the hyped BAMA-LSU showdown on the Capstone. In games of near-even sides in the SEC, I usually just pick the home teams to win behind their crowds (with 85%+ accuracy every single football season, by the way) more than the perceived “hot” team or media darlings. Thus, Florida beats Auburn in the Swamp, LSU beats Florida on the Bayou, Bama takes out the Bengals away from Louisiana. GEORGIA-Florida still favors Florida at the site of the Gator Bowl in the Sunshine State, but it ain’t no Swamp, not exactly. For Halloween, I will muse on how it has been a scary House of Horrors, especially when Georgia won the series just once in 14 years.

Recall that Georgia, in a huge shock to many, was the initial #1 of 2017, not heavily-favored to win it all and #1 in both polls, Alabama. Before a real resume shift had even occurred, historic power BAMA soon enough passed Georgia, because the committee are humans. Humans favor frontrunners with longstanding national reputations and coaches good at working the media. They had it right the first ranking, in that Georgia won the SEC that year, while Bama when you charted all the variables of various quality teams across the wide nation, probably did not even deserve to make the CFP playoff. They won it all.