Cadets Visit Canines, Fables of the Reconstruction

Cadets Visit Canines, Fables of the Reconstruction

Han Vance on Georgia football: Glory to Ol’ Georgia.


A vet of WWI and WWII and aviation pioneer I’ve ruminated on previously, my paternal grandfather attended (#TAMU) Texas A&M University in College Station, Tex., after being born in pre-state Indian Territory Oklahoma. His dad was born in Mississippi and was the son of either a Boomer or a Sooner, depending on when they went west in a land grab which I haven’t been able to precisely timestamp verify.

See his dad, check it, His Honor Lieutenant Colonel McDuff “M.D.” Daniel Vance, heck of a name, was in the Civil War, of course on the down-here-y’all side, and was then a one-term Reconstruction Mayor of Oxford, Miss. He literally may have been the inspiration for the years later created – now debunk but still in reality quite beloved in many societal circles around old Oxford Town – Ole Miss mascot Colonel Reb. Convicted of not giving all the monies his office took in to the feds they loathed, he was immediately pardoned by his replacement. Good ole boys of the old South.

Ol’ Georgia (1785) is older than Ole Miss and my birth state of Texas.

Sadly, I found out much of this family saga after my classic trip to Oxford with Rebel Brett Byrnes and folks. See, my stepdad is into such research, and if you give me a kernel I know how to dig, as a journalist. While I never met my grandfather, because Dad’s dad was long gone, my daddy is long gone, too and never met my wife or daughter. Happy holidays when the tears come streaming, you know.

Dad and I

The big wheel of life fortuna keeps spinning. Blessed to be here to write this to y’all, fair readers. Super blessed and duly humbled.


I never dug much the oft-slanted hot take style of journalism of Chip Towers of the local paper here in the undeniable Capital of the South. But, upon acquiring a free physical copy of the sports page last night at a watering hole after work, I gave it a read. Nice enough guy, I had met Chip at the UGA football complex, when I was covering the Bulldogs the two previous seasons for Bulldawg Illustrated. Side note: Happy to be independent, again, BIG HAIRY BLAWG is turning 13 this Peach Bowl; I first football-wrote of going to a Peach with my brothers and other family members to watch Georgia upset a tough VaTech. Beginning of a great period of Georgia football…and life.

Chip wrote, “…SEC’s format on its football schedules includes five division opponents [it’s really six, you play them all each season], three rotating cross-divisional opponents [it’s really only one versus a non-permanent rival per annum – this year Texas A&M – and the SEC has 14 teams now] and one permanent cross-divisional opponent.” [One out of three is pretty bad.]

That’s Auburn, who first played Georgia in the second game in the Deep South, winter of 1892 at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Deep South college football was created at the birthplace of American public higher education, prior. Back when we did play two SEC West teams every season, it was Aubie and Ole Miss. That was way back within the time(s) I went to UGA (1990-1993 and 1996-1998). Georgia-Auburn is now tied for the second-most played rivalry in the 150-year-old sport of American college football – the genesis of the most popular sport in the best country in the world…ever. When you play in the SECCG, that’s extra, and I do expect to see the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry in Atlanta again. This year it’ll be LSU.

We Are The Champions, My Friends:

Georgia plays three SEC West teams (could be more in the College Football Playoff, where I do want BAMA, again, and a lasting deserved revenge) each year now, because we win the SEC East every year. The rest of the East teams play two SEC West programs each season. The SEC East had a winning record versus the SEC West last season. The SEC has a bunch of bad teams this year: Arkansas, Vandy, Mizzou, Kentucky, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Miss State, Tennessee are not having strong seasons. Auburn is tough. Florida is still pretty good, after a rebound last year. Georgia-LSU-Bama are top five teams. Why not Georgia?

Texas A&M must be vanquished for Georgia to reach the biggest program goals, although Dogs could drop this game and still win the conference. The CFP is out if Georgia loses another Senior Day under Kirby, folks. The Aggies – who have male cheerleaders and are derogatorily therefore called Glory Hole U – have only lost three games this season: Bama, Clemson, Auburn. They are still to play LSU and GEORGIA…the defense-first Dawgs.

My San Diego alum friend, author Billy Barnard and I settled on a 27-17 Dawgs prediction.

Just win, baby!

Life’s Rich Pageant Goes Full Circle:

These two teams last met at the Independence Bowl in Louisiana in a 44-20 win dominated by the Georgia special teams. The quarterback of the winning team that day was cool Joe Cox, who I met and hung out with at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, when TCU – where my mom and dad met – whipped the piss out of Ole Miss severely. TCU was the best team in the country that year and jilted by the CFP committee. Few days later, Joe officially joined Mike Bobo at Colorado State. It has not worked out for Mike out there; he’s a bust as a head coach. And, I’d like him to come home and call plays for Georgia. James Coley can assist if he wants to stay, but he has to be in line for a demotion or worse, based purely on results in generating points regularly. Bobo can get those! The first game in which Mike Bobo was officially the play caller for Mark Richt at Georgia was that Peach Bowl, I believe…the one I went to with my brothers and them, which I mentioned here.

Texas A&M last played at Athens in the year of 1980.