Can 3-4 Baffle Spurrier?

Spurrier is a cock. And he hasn’t had so much success there – they never do in Carolina. Coach Spurrier has had five full seasons in Columbia. But let’s look at the lame cocks’ records since all the way back to 2002: 5-7, 5-7, 6-5, 7-5, 8-5, 6-6, 7-6, 7-6. GEORGIA went 8-5 last year in our worst season since Jim Donnan’s first, and Richt currently has the longest tenure of any SEC coach.

Richt’s made his living winning on the road. He has never lost in Columbia, as example. UGA won a wild special teams dominated shootout last season in Athens, but again looking back here at recent Border Bash scores: 41-37, 14-7, 12-16 (Carolina win), 18-0, 17-15, 20-16 – it’s generally a very low scoring and defense dominated game that GEORGIA wins.

I wonder if Grantham and our D can keep their total points down this season with the new 3-4 scheme. Last year, they scored off turnovers and special teams breakdowns, and if we can mostly avoid those the defense obviously has a much better chance. I think we can run with Ealey and King and control the ball some. And we should be able to complete short passes, but that secondary of theirs is salty, talented and aggressive. We may punt deep often.

Look for juniors Justin Houston, Brandon Boykin and DAngelo Tyson to lead the charge for Grantham’s guys this week. The middle of the Carolina line looks a bit suspect and may have a tough time with Tyson, now up to the nearly 300 pounds required to play nose. Houston looks leaner and even quicker this season and will be virtually unstoppable off the end, where Carolina gave up the most sacks in the SEC last season. They had lots of passing yards last season but did not usually score many points in SEC games. Boykin will be ballhawking Garcia underneath all day as Carolina looks to throw a bunch to exploit their superior size at wideout. I expect Boykin to have at least one takeaway and the DAWGS to find a way to win.