Can UGA Vanquish Growing Pains?

GEORGIA can do a whole lot to begin to vanquish this season’s growing pains by pulling out a victory at Colorado Saturday night. We won’t recover from 0-3 in the SEC this weekend, nor this season, but we need – desperately need – to win a football game for the future of our not so long ago good program.

The Buffs are coming off a few poor seasons and a bye week, with a 2-1 record so far this year. The thin air and Ralphie and the views of the Rockies and a team with a dangerous receiving corps await our DAWGS.

We finally get AJ Green back, which should soften defenses for a now healthy Caleb King and lately fumble-happy Washaun Ealey to gain major ground yardage.

We bring the next to worst rushing attack in the SEC statistically, plus a new defense and redshirt freshman quarterback who’ve never won a big time college football game. And a currently stumbling head coach with a great career road record.

I have a strong suspicion that Mike Bobo won’t be single-handedly calling the football plays at UGA ever again. Coach Richt let Bobo begin play calling without announcement a few years ago, and may also demote Bobo without announcement.

Win on the mountain and it’s back to Athens where UT and Lil Dooley will come a calling for a 12:21 test. I’ll be there and hope to hear Rocky Top infrequently. That could be Murray’s first SEC win, as UT is way down this season. Then Vandy looks quite beatable in Athens for Homecoming. Then at Kentucky may be Murray’s first SEC road win, and suddenly the program would have a little bounce again and be 5-3 and at least destined for a bowl berth. With the Cocktail Party looming.

In other news: Our new AD cancelled the future Oregon series, ruining what promised to be a challenging yet interesting non-regional collision. That is a major disappointment, focusing only on the bottom line by adding a seventh home game against inferior competition. I miss Damon Evans’ aggressiveness already.