Can’t Win Them All

Or can you? The SEC as a conference seems to these days.

The SEC has dominated the BCS era and goes for an eighth consecutive national championship this season. Further, draw a line all the way across the middle of the United States running through say St. Louis, Missouri. Only one team north of that line won a title during the BCS era which began with Fulmer’s Tennessee Vols defeating the Richt offensive-coordinated FSU Noles at the end of the 1998 season.

Southern Cal, Oklahoma, Texas, all the SEC teams, FSU and Miami are located well below the line I just drew. That lone top-half victory was by THE Ohio State team which took an overtime miracle to get it done against the corrupt and morally bankrupt semi-pros at Miami. The Buckeyes could have been a big underdog against UGA, had the SEC champion Dawgs somehow been able to survive the humid Jacksonville night. Ask yourself this: How did Ohio State do in other BCS championship games? Thing is though, there was of course no playoff and Miami was widely considered the best team in the country during that stretch. Ohio State just may have won the popularity contest over even an undefeated GEORGIA and still won it all. Maybe.

Tennessee went undefeated in 1998 a year after Peyton. BAMA went undefeated in 2009. Auburn, a year later with semi-pro at best Scam at the the QB position, beat the Tide in T-Town and went undefeated. That’s it. No other SEC national title winner was undefeated, though Auburn’s most complete team was undefeated and did not make the big game. The Tide have actually lost a divisional home game three years in a row and still been voted in twice, so obviously most years you don’t need to go undefeated to play in the biggest game. LSU once lost twice and made it and has never been undefeated. That’s the weight of the SEC championship and the variations from year-to-year in the number of flawed in record teams.

Most great teams lose at least a single game. And none – no football program in college, or the pros, for that matter – has won three championships in a row. Not just in the BCS era, it has not happened anytime near the modern era. BAMA has a shot to really make history this year, if the vote goes their way. Two non-SEC programs have dominated near the level of the current Alabama dynasty: Nebraska, before the BCS era, in the mid 1990s; USC more recently. They couldn’t get it done. The trends, which are how the real college football gamblers make money, say BAMA won’t either. Trend does say SEC wins a crystal trophy in 2013.

Playoffs next year. Not this year. This is a popularity contest. A final mythical national championship will be awarded in early calendar year 2014. And a new era will be underway.

Can Georgia get within a play of the big game again? Can we make that play? And then can we win it all? I predict the SEC champion gets a two-years-straight undefeated Ohio State. And Urban Meyer has them ready to finally play exceptionally well. The Louisville Cardinals of what is now called the American Conference are a good dark horse pick. They were last seen blowing out the Mighty Gators in the Sugar Bowl. Tragic travesty would be for the world’s greatest ever football league to have no undefeated teams and to be made to watch say Ohio State beat Louisville to end the BCS era. Bama winning it all again would totally suck, too.