Rivalry Out of Options

Rivalry Out of Options

The Institute ran out of options. A classic American rivalry, all but dead. Georgia men’s basketball team won at the North Avenue Trade School in basketball 70-59 in front of a mostly-tepid crowd, while I was in attendance in my…

Han Vance for Bulldawg Illustrated:

Han Vance on University of Georgia vs University of Texas college football:

Podcast: Southern Sports Roundup

Mastered Podcast of my radio show from Atlanta: http://southernsportsroundup94487.podomatic.com/entry/2015-12-23T20_16_23-08_00 You can also view the raw TV simulcast footage of us making this show on Youtube and/or here at Big Hairy Blawg (ONE POST BELOW THIS ONE). With music by: Pavement,…

BOWL SHOW (hosted by Han Vance)

Raw TV simulcast footage of us recording my 4th-annual bowl show (sports talk radio):