Han Vance in ATL

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Han Vance on American college football: Greatest game/spectacle/events in the whole wide world.

DAWG DAYS OF FALL ~ it’s official, my new podcast debuts soon. More info to come. Like, lots of info, football, fun.

Packing your (virtual) bags for the College Football Playoff – a new jack four-team completion to the FBS season, which crowns an often still-disputable yet unanimous national champ – is an annual rite of passage this time of year throughout the several regions where we understand the pure glory of college football, now into its 151st season. The essence and origin of the sport itself.

Talk about your NFL history theories (or even worse your stupid fantasy team) at a real diehard college game watching gathering, our eyes glaze. Call it just a game and you may be literally picking a fight, some places. It is not just for your viewing fun, around here.

In separate Georgian cities, my daughter and I broke into real lasting tears when Georgia lost to Tennessee on a Hail Mary – and we weren’t even having a good year that season (8-5, Kirby’s first).

Speaking of new jack cities, the NFL starts tomorrow, a full 50 years younger pastime incomparable to the pure passions of college’s deepest diehards. We tie our identities more deeply to our programs than any professional interest, outside of, perhaps, some soccer supporters.

Fantasy football? Draft picks and contracts? Please. That’s a job. We grew up at these places; we went to these colleges; we return again and again and…

a. 2020(-2021) Season:

1/1/2021 Rose/Sugar

1/11/2021 Natty in Miami/South Florida

b. 2021(-2022) Season:

12/31/2021 Cotton/Orange

1/10/2022 Natty in Indianapolis

c. 2022(-2023) Season:

12/31/2022 Fiesta/Peach

1/9/2023 Natty in New Orleans

d. 2023(-2024) Season:

1/1/2024 Rose/Sugar

1/18/2024 Natty in Houston

e. 2024(-2025) Season:

12/28/2024 Cotton/Orange

1/6/2025 [location TBD]

…I’m so there!

Han Vance in ATL

Han Vance in ATL