CFP Predictor

CFP Predictor

Han Vance on American college football: if you say dig the cool culture of sporting travel, but aren’t an Xs and Os wonk necessarily, you should check out my new show All College Report (watch free on YouTube before it goes to a pay service). If you are a big football gal or guy: definitely watch!

Ep 1 The ATL (+ Emerald Coast) ~ PILOT

Ep 2 SuperFans, Big Games ~ Charlotte & ATL

Ep 3 Classic Athens

…are out now. Next up: DFW-Texas & Auburn; Cocktail Confluence (at WLOCP at JAX and its area islands); Oxford/Memphis; Epicenter Atlanta…

The hotels are reserved for Naptown Natty, but we’re keeping them only if MY Dawgs make it past the SECCG – all but assured we will play in that game – and then the first-round of the CFP: the number one team [currently UGA!] gets to choose between Miami (area, Miami Gardens) and Dallas (area, Arlington), the Orange and Cotton. Neither are still played at the historic sites named for those physical old venues, although the Cotton Bowl still stands. That’s where Oklahoma beat UT.

I projected this summer: 1. Georgia 2 Oklahoma (undefeated and suddenly so explosive again with a new QB after they benched the preseason Heisman favorite – fav NEVER wins that award, BTW) to play for it all. With neither Miami nor Dallas proximate at all to Athens/ATL, Georgia should push Oklahoma to South Florida and make them less comfortable, but Kirby isn’t quite as calculating outside the box like that, as I am – he’s too busy.

3. The Big 10 champion – I had Ohio State then and still do and they are setting school offensive records, with amazing receivers and runners who would easily start for Bama or Georgia, and a young QB coming into his own after one close loss to a good team: Oregon – the odd man out, maybe.

4. Ducks have one loss and aren’t passing the eye test, but they in winning the head-to-head meeting with Ohio St set up a scenario where both could get in. I had Cincy in this slot. They have lost one game in two years, barely dropping a game to a peaking Georgia in the Peach State, with JT$ our QB. They beat a one-loss ND who is a long shot for the CFP now, after recent postseason stinkers. Georgia could need SMU – Mustangs are tough, The Outsiders – to beat Cincy late regular season or in their little champ rematch to get in, unless we are SEC champions. CINCY is my pick.

BAMA has one shot: beating Georgia in the SECCG. Considering Coach Smart is 1-2 in SECCG, 3-7 versus the SEC’s other big-talent 3 (BAMA, LSU, Florida) and 0-2 versus Saban, this is tough. Saban has seven nation championships, including 6-of-12 at Bama of late. Kirby has won the SEC once, with mostly not his recruits. One is due. One has f-ing done it a bunch though, he’s a way better head football coach. Obviously! That Jimbo beat Kirby to the first assistant to beat Saban is not advantage UGA, in any way. It can happen, but twice in one year after 24-0? Sounds improbable.

I’m sticking with: GEORGIA OKLAHOMA CINCY OHIO STATE as no two-loss team has been selected for any CFP. These teams have one loss total. But yes I’m nervous about Bama in Atlanta.

Unless Kirby chokes it up to a desperate Florida in Jax to fall to 3-3 lifetime there, Georgia will be undefeated entering Atlanta. No Kirby Smart team has ever lost less than two games, in fact, each have been blown out by the end of regulation in one game minimum per season. That’s a long trend when you see he started way back in 2016.

2017 in the rearview…and getting smaller. One league ring: none with his recruits. He’s past due not just due: WAY PAST DUE! in real reality.

It feels fairly make or break to me, now, considering who all will be gone in 2021. Win it all, Dawgs! You may have to be undefeated, like the last three national champions were: Clemmy LSU BAMA.

Oh and by the way, you may have to go 15-0 with a quarterback who is (erroneously) listed at 5-11 (at 6-foot I stood right next to him, towering well over).

Can The Mailman do what Zeier, Greene, Shockley, Stafford, Murray, Fromm simply could not?