Han Vance on Georgia football: The series is 52-19-2, DAWGS, more games played and dog-dominance than the more-heralded border war with Clemmy (43-18-4!!!).

Ol’ Georgia is South Carolina’s second-biggest rival, after Clem & Son LLC.

They are at-highest Georgia’s fifth-biggest rival right now:
1. Florida – WLOCP East Championship at JAX (Kirby just 3-2).
2. Tech – In-state (That’s right up the street from me).
3. Auburn – Deep South’s Oldest (Feb 20, 1892 Piedmont Park. Yes, February).
4. Tennessee – Closest in terms of wins/losses (but they’re so over).
5. CHICKENS (maybe)…

That’s if you don’t count LSU (Kirby 0-2, blowouts) who Georgia has faced the most in the SECCG.

That’s if you don’t count Bama (Kirby 0-3, chokes) who Georgia faced in the Natty in-state.

So, you see, King Kirby is a paltry 3-7 against the other three truly strong football institutions in the world’s best sporting league. He simply can’t lose to poultry, ever again.

Nobody calls them Carolina (that’s Dean Smith) or USC (that’s Trojan horses). They call themselves both. …They do actually have one more ACC championship than Miami (U-down-bro), but that was a 7-4 team from 1969, which lost the Peach Bowl to WestVa.

[South] Carolina won the SEC[East] once but [$]Cam busted that bubble in The ATL, before going on an Aubie alum sponsored shopping spree at Lenox Square Mall. Shots fired. They play in the capital of SOUTH carolina; same stupid state started a Civil War (we lost, luckily).

In America, Lou Holtz and Steve Spurrier are more prominent (then-just-called-D1) coaches than any two consecutive at GEORGIA, with even Vince Dooley less regarded than either, nationally. Kirby is not even close, with his only truly big year way back in the golden age of 2017, and still no Natty.

2021 is a year in which Georgia’s now-struggling field goal kicker made a 53-yarder in a bowl and a season commenced with actual tailgating, after an actual G-Day Game (was shown on an App). I like to eat to-go chicken wings from bars on my couch, and watch TV and all, but I missed you, y’all.

And, college football is not a TV show. It’s an event!

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South Carolina has three less SEC championships [zero!] than Tulane, but this is still a big game: SEC rivalries resume in the Classic City.

All College Report will be on hand, filming. I’ll host.

In 2019, the Chickens upset our Canines 20-17 in double OT, in a game which featured several notable and obvious head coaching gaffes by Georgia alumni, each noted on TV, and three interceptions by one defensive back. Short of another hat trick: Dawgs win super easily.

But can RBU suddenly return to form (really 2018 and prior, like since the 1920s) and run it rather well and for a good per-carry average?

Can the Georgia defense maintain its average? Yielding 1.5 points per game.

Can the Mailman deliver? Let’s go IV…he should [get to] wear this jersey: