Classic City Tradition

Happy bye week from BIG HAIRY BLAWG!

The University of Georgia Bulldogs have the fourth most bowl appearances of any college football program: 1. Bama 64, 2. Texas 53, 3. Nebraska 52, 4. (tie) UGA & Tenn 51. The Dawgs have the third most bowl wins: 1. Bama 37, 2. USC 33, UGA 29.

Jim Donnan was a pathetic 5-6 in his first campaign at UGA, then throughout the rest of the Jim Donnan (4-0 in bowls) and Mark Richt (15 years) eras Georgia reached a bowl each year, with Richt having the best bowl winning percentage of any active SEC coach at the end of his tenure, when an interim coach came on to led Georgia to another bowl win, over Penn State in Jacksonville.

At 4-3 Kirby Smart is on pace to continue the bowl appearance streak. Hopefully, he can turn things around, after inheriting a program that finished 10-3 for two years.

The Dawgs still have an 8-game series history lead over the Gators, including 3-of-5. Not a bowl game, the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is one of two annual neutral site rivalries (Red River between Texas and Oklahoma is other) and is played on a Saturday near Halloween each year in Jacksonville, Florida, at the site of the Gator Bowl (sound neutral to you?). Richt’s final loss at UGA was a second consecutive blowout of Georgia by Florida. Richt was 5-10 versus the Gators (10-5 vs Auburn, 10-5 vs Tenn, 13-2 vs Tech) after replacing Donnan who went 1-3. Ray Goff never won against the Gators as the previous coach.

Fact: Head football coaches at Georgia must win rivalry games to survive long.