DAWG-dog Rodeo, y0

DAWG-dog Rodeo, y0

Han Vance on Georgia football: Extra extra read all about it. Maroon Pups in Classic City for Homecoming 2020, unless COVID comes a callin’ quicker.

Georgia is quicker than Miss State, holding perhaps the biggest talent disparity in this game of any on our docket, actually played, so far since Arkansas. In 2018 Miss State led the nation in total defense, but they lost three first round NFL draft picks after that 8-5 campaign and slipped to 6-7 last season. In Dawg destroyer Dan Mullen’s last campaign in Stark-Vegas in 2017, they were 9-4 and they were 9-4 back in 2015, going 6-7 in 2016.

They are suffering from a serious talent-misfit similar to UGA trying and failing to implement the Todd Monken deep pass offense, only it is more stark. Pirate Mike Leach is back in the SEC for the first time since he was Kentucky’s OC in 1998. It isn’t working out at all so far for those Bulldogs.

They whipped a way past due to lose LSUx DYNASTY in the opener and have struggled mightily since.

Running Back Kylin Hill actually got the Magnolia State flag changed to not Rebel, before suiting up this season, returning as the top ground yardage getter in the SEC with 13,500, a production total Kirby would just cry for, but couldn’t keep him on the field. At LSU, he was a dynamic pass catcher who couldn’t be stopped, similar to what Florida did over and over to Dan Lanning and Smart.

He’s done for his (so-called) amateur career.

Teams just play zone and rush few and tackle well and whip the ‘dogs.

The Pups just switched to an unorthodox 3-3-5 for this most unorthodox of all years so far in modern football history, and the personnel has likewise struggled to adapt, after giving up twice the yards per game in 2019 compared to the stellar 2018 output.

This base defense was imported from San Diego State, out in California – you know, where UGA gets our best skill athletes – under the tutelage of DC Zach Arnett.

Back in the day, Who Let the Dogs Out was piped in loud over the cowbells as State ran the same set in Starkville. They created havoc.

That was then and this is now…and I do miss Athens, y’all.