Dawgs Desperately Need Win (Sunday)

Dawgs Desperately Need Win (Sunday)

Though Chubb hasn’t been in the news for anything good since game one, it benefits UGA to move the game back to Sunday because (preseason all-SEC) nicked up Chubb does get a little more time to rest and be fully prepared for gameplay at Carolina, which hasn’t been too friendly to the Dawgs in recent years. South Carolina was first a minor and then a big problem for UGA during the Spurrier at Carolina and Richt at Georgia eras in the SEC, in Columbia particularly.

Even the Murray/Moreno team that was 4 yards from being national championship game favorites, got fully woodshedded up there. That was  a bad night. It’s a distinct advantage to UGA that we are switching the game from a night game to a day game, as the Chickens get very drunk and loud late.

Joystick already had 300 yards after the Mizzou game and was the surprise player for GEORGIA this season to-date, emphatically after his game-winner. He and his offensive teammates were unusually quiet in the whitewashing at Ole Miss I attended, but he showed some real sparks of being a generally dangerous man with the ball in his hands as a runner against UT. Tennessee now has a two-game series lead, but I hereby honestly praise our team performance and game planning. Chaney called a great offensive game. Eason is the truth.


We went multiple, multiple sets, nine ballcarriers, quick hit running plays. I loved how Sony Michel and Brian Herrien ran the rock and how we broke quick from the short huddle and snapped the ball to keep them from getting overly focused on our ballcarriers.

Jacob had two straight turnovers then went 4 plays in 81 yards in 57 seconds, with the perfect deep pass to young Ridley, making his second ever grab. It went: Godwin, Joystick, Blazevich…19 seconds left. A false start. Then Ridley in what would-have-been THE play.

I like how hard the defense hit, especially Baker at the goal line before the half, and Patrick upfront, and Sanders except for the Hail Mary, which he should have pass interfered with for a loss of 15 yards once the receiver had open, front of end zone position.

Never saw the play live. The internet and TVs went out at The Max Canada with 4 seconds on the clock. I sprinted up the block to the next bar and was told we won and ran back and told a party of 200 the wrong news. I was mortified and dejected when I finally found out.