Dawgs' Epicenter: ATL

Dawgs’ Epicenter: ATL

HAN VANCE ON GEORGIA FOOTBALL FOR BHB: the Peach State classic, if you will, resumes on the flats of Midtown at the oldest on-campus stadium in America at lunch hour Saturday. Tech won three games last year and will remain stuck on three wins this year, coming off a 55-0 loss to top 10 Notre Dame (it was 55-0 end of the 3rd!) and now facing their biggest rival [they aren’t ours in football – coach-less Florida is].

They are Dead Bees!!!

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I hate cupcakes, especially of the out-of-state variety, you may have read over the years, or last BLAWG. And, it’s a real shame what they are getting away with selling us as entertainment in Athens: garbage. So what is the Charleston So. win, of course, but the next two games in Athens are trash, too. Samford (where Kirby’s folks went) is the lame home opener in a battle of so-what-who-cares Bulldogs of the Deep South. Then, the out-of-region Kent State Golden Flashes (where his mentor and master Nick Saban played and my uncle learned to write – we have three writers in the family: he and a cool cousin on Mom’s side. And the royal ME).

These games could be: Kennesaw State, Georgia State and Georgia Southern and at least some decent regional fun for us (and shared wealth!) in the Peach State. Those three in a row? Come on!

Meanwhile, quite near my master suite townhome in Historic Druid Hills where I live, and a short walk to a train ride on our big city subway {MARTA} to right near the front doors, Georgia plays for the state title, then the SEC title, then opens against Oregon. Between the two former and the lattter, better be two games or this great season is a total bust and waste of talent and a super soft schedule.

And those two games wins – in Miami or Dallas (areas, Miami Gardens and Arlington, actually) and the #1 team in the final CFP gets to choose – then the Naptown Natty back in the Heartland.

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That’s Indianapolis in Indiana: I already have the (cancelable) hotel rooms and camera crew ready!

Han Vance in ATL

Han Vance in ATL

If you look at the Georgia schedule in Athens for 2021 and 2022 (coming off crappy COVID 2020, TV, too), there are no games of note in Athens for almost a full year, from the October 16th Homecoming beating of a better-than-usual Kentucky I attended, to the next year October 8th too early these days after years of great tradition Deep South’s Oldest Rivslry annual crushing of yet another overrated Auburn, we expect Between the Hedges.

One SEC game since Kentucky was un-mighty MIZZOU a week later in 2021, nothing in 2022 between…You do not have to schedule soft stuff like this, you just don’t. (Throw in that the SEC East is such garbage and Auburn is just AU-barn…and both Tech and now Florida suck.) WE should demand better for us to see in OUR Classic City…Until on into October when actual entertainment returns to Athens (almost a year from now, too, basically, y’all. That’s not ok!), the actual epicenter of GEORGIA FOOTBALL has shifted to The ATL…and the road.

…I’ll be on the road again.