DAWGS ‘Tween The Hedges Seeking 11+ Wins


It is time to stand up as a program and claim our destiny. Nothing less than ten wins per year from now on – and eleven wins is really the new ten when you consider the extended length of the college season. GEORGIA is a good program, that wants desperately to be great. Texas is great because they win every year. USC was great for the same reason. BAMA and Florida each have a shot at sustained greatness. And so does GEORGIA. We can put it all together and become a consistent eleven win team, because we have: the right coach, the instate talent, the loyal and wealthy fan base, the tradition. Or we can stay where we are – which is second tier. Although UGA has the wins over a ten year period to stack up with any SEC program, we can’t be owned by Florida and still own the world. We can’t let Tennessee embarrass us on national television and still own the world. Record-wise, we have been very strong for around ten years … but we have not quite been great. Not yet. We can get there and stay there, and the opportunity starts with attitude. EXPECT TO BEAT FLORIDA. EXPECT TO WHIP THE BIG ORANGE HILLBILLIES EVERY YEAR. EXPECT TO NEVER LOSE AT HOME. EXPECT TO BEAT BAMA OR AUBURN OR LSU IN THE SEC TITLE GAME. EXPECT TO GET BACK TO ATLANTA (AFTER BEATING TECH AGAIN ON THE FLATS OR IN ATHENS) AND GET THAT SEC RING … and then go get the ring that really matters. Richt has been #2 at UGA; Richt has been #3 at UGA. Only one attainable goal awaits our GREAT football program.

But any eleven win season is a huge success, so that is my new goal for us every year. Eleven wins. This year, maybe old Auburn finally gets us, because we probably won’t beat a strong program like theirs six years in a row. The rest of the schedule looks very favorable to me. One loss in the SEC out of division equals an SEC East Title. An SEC East Title equals a title tilt against (probably) Bama in our backyard. An SEC Title (probably) equals a shot at the National Title, against say Texas or Ohio State or Oklahoma. Eleven plus wins gives us a real shot at the top.

Be sure to check out the video of saturday’s Sanford Stadium spring practice at www.georgiadogs.com – number 11 is looking very good at quarterback as the race heats up, and a sighting of the great number 8 got my heart pumping. That said: With talent like AJ Green, we should never have to suffer through another eight win season like last year again. Georgia holds the active streak for most seasons with eight or more wins … but so what? Let’s go win big. Go Dawgs!!!

Much Love,