Deep Insider Intel from Cali on JT

Deep Insider Intel from Cali on JT

Han Vance on Georgia football: Trusted source on the West Coast revealed to me last night that the USC hardship waiver transfer from USC – the real one in Southern California, not the Chickens – talented quarterback JT Daniels had a personal/family doctor hold up his potential participation in playing in live games and taking full-contact hits longer than any UGA (Ron Courson, Senior Associate Athletic Director – Sports Medicine) or SEC or NCAA clearance protocols played out. Which makes sense considering the kid’s future value.


The info was passed on to me that the California-based UGA alumni very instrumental in steering the strong-armed prototypical quarterback at 6-3 and 215 pounds, to Athens, had further dialogue ongoing with JT’s family, including the injury and lasting health of their son.

He’s money, baby! Huge arm and he is mobile.

Daniels fairly assuredly will be an NFL quarterback someday barring further catastrophe and likely enough a first round draft pick. He’s a former Gatorade High School Player of the Year.

Coming out of high school, JT Daniels was the #2 ranked pro style quarterback in the whole country, behind only freaky-future-robot Trevor Lawrence of Cartersville, Ga. Justin Fields of Harrison High in my former home county, Cobb County, was the #1 overall football recruit for that year, according to most sources, but he played in a wide-open spread offense, which actually led to him having trouble competing for a starting job at Georgia as a true freshman, battling an entrenched SEC champion at starter who outworked him, under then-OC Jim Chaney’s audible-to-runs system, which always featured great runners.

Daniels is, as I stated, the prototypical physical QB specimen and has the pedigree, after winning the starting job at a truly historic football powerhouse in a Power 5 league. He took his lumps with ball security, as can be (somewhat) expected of a young gunslinger in a new situation, who probably should have been allowed a year to mature, and unlike Lawrence at Clemson who went 15-0 as a true frosh, on the first 15-0 college football team ever, did not have the elite talent around him at USC, in its modern iterations.

He started to open his sophomore year, too, and was lighting it up and then got hurt, in game one. His replacement played so well that he stole the QB1 job in SoCal, from him. Young JT ended up in the Classic City.

He could be the man, our guy for years, but he’s behind the Mailman, now, a former walk-on who is 2-0 as a starter of a 3-0 team, which he came off the bench to save in Week 1 of 2020.

Daniels, a five-star recruit, attended Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, Calif., a pipeline to USC and the NFL, where he followed in the footsteps of my dude LIONHEART, aka Matt Leinart and Matt Barkley. It appears no U.S. high school prepares college quarterbacks better, when I note that record-setter Colt Brennan (Hawaii Rainbow Warriors) and USC’s Todd Marinovich also played there, as well as John Huarte and Danny O’Neill.

You may see JT Saturday. Mailman starts; you may see JT. The kid did not transfer to sit forever and quarterbacks, as Kirby saw, are use it or lose it, these days, period.

With this year slated to not count at all toward any players’ NCAA eligibility class statuses due to so much uncertainty – which was yet another wrong move (too premature) by the NCAA, by the way – there is suddenly way less room than expected for soon-coming opportunity to play, for the many guys crowded into the Georgia quarterback room.

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