Definition of a Trap Game

Definition of a Trap Game

Han Vance on Georgia football: This is a trap. Cue the trap music.

Texas A&M has a win-at-all-costs offensive guru at the helm and an experienced quarterback. They started slowly last year but finished strong enough to be ranked, behind the top running back in the SEC. That he is gone is strangely not of much benefit to the Bulldogs Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Between the Hedges, because nobody runs on Georgia. Not anymore.

Auburn ran it around 40 times for around 80 yards. The longest in at least 20 years national no rushing touchdowns streak was finally broken by a desperate scrambling quarterback barely breaking the plain on an ignored, egregious holding non-call to the benefit of the beleaguered home team. Meanwhile, Swift popped for another 100 on under 20 carries, Fromm hit less than 50% again and had barely over 100 yards but hit the touchdowns as needed.

An as-needed-only offense versus a team that has learned, more than they’d like to of course, to get by without the type of dominant rushing attack that wins in the SEC. Throw in the fact that this is Texas A&M’s Super Bowl – and they’ve already played in three and have another upcoming. Say what?

The Aggies faced the toughest schedule in the country in 2019 and have dropped games to strong teams Clemson, Auburn and Alabama, winning against every other opponent. They see Georgia as an easier possible win than upcoming LSU, who they beat in the crazy multi-overtime game last year to springboard into some national prominence.

They are just looking for one storyboard win…which could come on UGA’s Senior Day. Heck, beat Georgia and then LSU and they are suddenly THE pre-CFP story in the United States, propelling them to a huge 2020. Jimbo Fisher is in that sweet spot – year two to year three – as a head football coach, when you still have some of the strengths of the former regime on hand and have begun to see your implementations of talent and scheme shift payoff. Had A&M not lost the SEC’s leading rusher early to the NFL, they would have been a legit contender in the SEC West. They did, though.

So they had to throw. The only struggles Georgia has had at all have been an occasional partial game hot quarterback, where the Dawgs contain, play bend not break, while he gets some points up. Not many.

Georgia’s defense is super nasty, yielding through 10 games (I’ll do this off memory, folks): 6, 17, 0, 17, 14, 20 (in double overtime), 0, 17, 0, 14 – lots of zeroes and seventeens, a couple fourteens and a six. The outlier anomaly is all of a twenty, once, and that took two overtimes to be reached…in a lone loss. This is Bama of old! Like Bear Bryant, Gene Stallings, early Saban, give us 18 and we’re good type power football.

(Jerry Knows Power Football)

Mathematically hard to lose games when the other side gets under 18. When Mike Bobo called plays and set the school record for offense – BRING HIM BACK, he can’t head coach and is so GEORGIA – three years in a row with different quarterbacks and running backs, an unheard of feat that got him his head coaching job, replacing the Swamp Donkey at Colorado State, 30+ was too often not enough.


This is Dan Lanning as the top coordinator in the game of football, folks. And, this is what Kirby does best, better than recruiting. This is Chicago Bears in the 4-6 defense the only year ever they were good – DA BEARS. Stop talking about offenses so much, y’all. Tua doesn’t work as a scheme – never did. This is Miami playing the Darth Vader music, folks. Get into it!

Georgia has not dropped a Senior Day since Kirby’s first year, blowing a lead to Tech and wasting a stellar performance by Sony Michel, as he finally supplanted Nick Chubb as key feature back for an afternoon with both healthy, leading to them sharing the load more late in 2017. Leading to Georgia in the CFP. Leading to me at the Rose Bowl. (…Leading to…heartache.)

Offensively, I’d like to see Swift 20-30 carries every game the rest of his college career (5 games max – he gone) and senior Brian Herrien getting more plays, be it passes or carries. To do this, Georgia needs the ball. Fromm has to hit closer to 75% of his passes and convert much better on third down. Fact: Tight ends can get open in the middle of the field in American football, even if your receivers aren’t man enough to do so. I’m off our wideouts, shrinking violets.

If Georgia had lost on the Plains, so many three-and-outs would have been the story. It wasn’t. If you can’t convert regularly on third downs, you aren’t a good offensive coordinator, by definition.

…But I want to talk DE-FENSE! Fans need to get so much louder, in Athens, and in Atlanta, too. Don’t let your voice be the cause of another loss. You were too quiet, the Chickens won.

We stuffed ’em, kicked the dog crap out of them so bad that Kirby dropped an F bomb publicly, before actually cussing in his press conference, too. (C’mon, man. Be HEAD coach SMART.)

That’s 12-of-15 over old Aubie! Glory to Ol’ Georgia! JUST WIN BABY!

Screw you, Aubie!!! (I’m the head coach of my Blawg…I’m a man…)

Oh yeah, a trap game comes between two rivalries in its purest form, often at home, worst when off a huge win, and always with a much bigger game on the not so distant horizon…this is a trap game.

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