Dell McGee & Matt Luke Coaching Well

Dell McGee & Matt Luke Coaching Well

Han Vance on Georgia football: Matt Luke and Dell McGee have not been at fault at UGA.

While OC Todd Monken is struggling at more than just the quarterback position, as I straight-up unequivocally proved yesterday. He isn’t crafting winning game plans (4-2) that play to his team’s trend strengths while accounting for the opposition’s strengths as a whole team.

He’s a journeyman play caller with future NFL aspirations and experience, and some college (Okie State/Southern Miss), who hasn’t grasped the big-boy harsh realities of SEC football. Take what the opposition gives in this powerful league, don’t try to shootout a gunslinger with a lesser QB just because you have favored deep passes in former gigs.

And for heaven’s sake when the run is working, simply run the football more. White/Milton getting nine carries in Florida was ridiculous, considering Texas A&M had gashed Florida on the ground with one runner alone going for over 170 on 27 carries (more chipped in) and even Ole Miss running for over 170 on them. Fear of running opens up the pass plays, which are always harder to execute, especially deep ones.

Monken may be a one-and-done OC like James Coley and bounce to another NFL staff. He doesn’t feel like he wants to mold his game plan to win the week, which is necessary. Georgia had only 11 running plays in the second half at Bama, as example, while throwing 40 passes on the day (18 complete, 3 picks).

Before I flip positive – which is what the organization itself is trying to do, and there are hurt feelings and some players/coaches simply won’t respond well in a lost cause season – let me say that a QB savior may walk through the tunnel and strap on a chinstrap but that is statistically more unlikely than a rebuilding period lasting through next season. If JT Daniels isn’t the answer at QB, where opener starter Mathis just isn’t and Bennett plainly doesn’t have the athleticism/size to be, Brock/Beck will be green college kids. Meaning some game losses due to growing pains, in the scheme-mighty, mean-defense SEC, where no true freshman has started and then won it all. Beck is on my “transfer watch” while yet to play a spring or summer camp or snap, and they will both be “freshman” next year, with the NCAA not counting this season toward class status at all. That doesn’t sound Natty.

Matt Luke got back one of five starters from last season on a line that lost Cade Mays to UT, two NFL first round tackles and a guard who started game one for the Miami Dolphins. He has generally protected his QBs well enough and opened creases for running backs this year, after winning the Sugar Bowl on the first night of 2020. Amazing job by the former Ole Miss head coach and Kirby’s best hire since his first coaching roster.

Dell McGee recruited Justin Fields and Zamir White to Georgia, with college stars of one sort or another in front of them. He was the 2018 recruiter of the year as UGA got Kirby’s first number one class (3, 1, 3, 1 last four).

After coaching Georgia Southern to the program’s first ever bowl win as an interim head coach, McGee has at UGA coached four different runners to six 1,000-yard seasons. This year White contends for another with 509 yards (5.2 average).

Milton averages 5.9 but is hurt so look for Zamir to hit the mark.