Dominance on Display (Dooley to Damon)

Unbelievable run continues as Diamond Dawgs deck La Tigres 9-8. LSU is our latest victim, and the count is now 10 straight SEC games as we guaranteed a series victory to go with our last two sweeps. Sweep is on today, so get your brooms out. For those many baseball fans unable to attend, a replay of the game will be on CSS at 9 PM. Something to switch to: the Playoff Bound Atlanta Hawks will be playing The Beast of the East in Boston around the same time. Rather than talk about the weakness of ATL pro sports, I choose to refresh on the Dominance on Display at UGA:

FOOTBALL: Number 2 in the Nation. Would probably have been favored to win a playoff. As you may know, we look pretty good next year, too.

Basketball: SEC Champions. Strong recruiting class.

Baseball: Leading the SEC. The hottest team in the country.

Academic Rank in Public Colleges and Universities: #18 this year and rising.

Why? Sure, Richt is now the greatest CEO in football. And the hoop dawgs were due, and mother nature helped us beat Kentucky. And baseball has been building, and Coach Perno and his staff have done a nice job of coaching up after a tough year last year. But here is the truth: DAMON EVANS is the CEO of the DAWGSNation, and he was hand-selected by Dooley as an heir apparent. Our rather fine President, Michael Adams (the one who is building our ascending academic reputation) made the very tough call to go young, but the continuity of the Nation can be firmly attributed to the genius and passion and consistency of one Vincent Dooley. Damon is doing a hell of a good job because we are winning…and striving to do things the best way. KUDUS to DOOLEY!