Downtown Dawgs

Downtown Dawgs

You don’t win real championships in Midtown. Or Athens, Ga., for that matter. Rings come from downtown Atlanta. We are literally and figuratively going downtown, finally, again.

You probably don’t even know the difference, unless you live HERE. Not near here, here here, hear. The ATL is the undeniable World Capital of College Football. Keep me rocking in big city lights. This is big time, three years running: The SEC Championship Game! SEC SEC SEC

Played in the Deep South middle of my city for a nooner Saturday, them Dawgs, loads of family on-hand as the breakfast fiesta was clicking. Rebuilding Yellow Jackets benefitted from first-half superior special team plays, a jacked home crowd at the oldest on-campus stadium in America and poor ball security by a lightly banged up running back playing the series for his final time. He gone. …Dawgs were, too.

Swift failed to switch hands, which literally cost him a couple million or more on two bad fumbles, and then went down, was iced. He will be ready for one more run in Atlanta, after his breakout here three years ago as the team’s leading rusher in the SECCG revenge win over old Auburn. They bottled up Sony and Chubb but couldn’t hold then-third banana Swift down.

The Tide won’t be seen until next season, on the Capstone – where the Dawgs won 26-23 and 27-25 on our last two trips. Big springboard game next season, without any marquee non-conference games.

The last time Georgia was in the SEC championship game the Dawgs blew a comfy lead, to the Tide. The time prior playing in the same stadium downtown, Georgia blew leads (at the half, in the 4th) to the Tide, so much more costly. Kirby and the Dawgs flitted away a national title that was all but secured, coaching with clinched butts. You have to know you are going to win and imbue that; crucial to always coach with what the sign at your building says: COMPOSURE.

See less than a full year after the first choke, the story was oh so eerily the same. Butt-clinching, top-down point-blank cost the University a 14th SEC championship.

Nothing more. No other reason. Not really any other story.

Loran & HAN

Georgia is tied with Tennessee for second in the SEC, with 13 SEC championships (Bama has 17 nattys, BTW) and winning in Atlanta against an offensively explosive, defense-poor LSU would distance the Dawgs from the pack. Make no mistake about it: programs like AU-Barn and LSUx are simply not on GEORGIA’s level. They have a good year every half-decade or so, don’t have the number of league crowns.

Go time!

Kirby can erase some ghosts of his making, Saturday at 4:00 p.m., downtown.