High noon Between the Hedges, moments after a touching Senior Day ceremony ended. Without it being said by many, it was notable too for the number of NFL draft-ready Georgia juniors playing their final game in Athens. This team will look different next year, and the schedule will toughen significantly with the additions of the Death Valley Tigers, Clemson and LSU. Georgia can compete but probably won’t be able to do what was done this year. We are in a position in which we have not been for thirty years. Georgia last played for it all in 1982, losing a heartbreaker to Penn State.

BAMA. I could talk about the legend of the University of Alabama, now. But why? They won the West and lost a game. We won the East and lost a game. Mark Richt has the 4th-best winning percentage of any coach in college football, and none of the three coaches ahead of him on the list coach in the SEC. Plenty of time to get up for the big contest in Atlanta.

Number eleven at UGA leads the nation in passing efficiency and is the ONLY player EVER to pass for 3,000 yards in three straight SEC seasons. Richt has won eleven Governor’s Cups in a dozen years at the helm and has taken much of the real hate from the state. Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate? Please, we dominate and run this state. Tech has no answer. Gurley has over 1,100 yards rushing, and GEORGIA won its eleventh football game, including an undefeated home slate. Our offensive line and downfield blocking is smashing. Our D, dominant and star-studded.

How have we been playing in every phase of late? GREAT. We can win it all!

How it went down fast for the North Ave. Trade Schoolers was this: Georgia receives kickoff and Mitchell runs to midfield. Four plays later, a Gurley touchdown. Tech takes a nice drive all the way to the UGA one, and Rambo has his second forced fumble on the series. This one he holds onto and runs to midfield. Few plays later, Gurley scores again. Tech gets the ball and drives for a field goal. UGA gets the ball back, and a few plays later Marshall scores a touchdown. Game Over.

Across the South, the once-maligned and poor mouthed about SEC East put the ACC in its place by going 4-0 against them, including wins at Clemson and at Florida State. One conference and one independent team sit atop the standings. Notre Dame better get to practicing, because the SEC is coming for them in Miami. Big game this week.