Empire Strikes Back

Empire Strikes Back

Autumnal America. Fall in the Deep South, y’all.

The Mississippi Territory was split from western Georgia and eventually admitted as the states of Alabama and Mississippi. My Vance male bloodline cam be traced back to to the old lands of the Empire of Georgia, where Lieutenant Colonel McDuff  (“M.D.”) Daniel Vance was born in 1830, though at that time it had become the state of Alabama, and his father was born across the state line in Tennessee, where I’m heading to film this week, in Memphis and the Dawgs play this week in Knoxville. Tennessee is dangerous for a team that is only a game over .500. They throw a lot and score fast, great practice for our team heading ever closer toward a national championship.

#1 Georgia distanced itself from the competition further, by defeating MIZZOU as soundly as projected, while others slogged through to close wins. Like mighty Bama who, at home, barely got LSU. These two teams are on another collision course, as they were in 2017 and 2018. 2019 was the LSU year, and 2020 showed a scrappy Georgia leading at Bama in a rare regular season meeting on the capstone. Bama scored 40+ and won by 15+ after two clutch, close lucky wins. This non-rivalry is in oh so many ways Georgia’s biggest rival today. Even on a rivalry week playing at Tennessee.

Seven of the Top 20 lost (8-of-25), while Jordan Davis and (9-0) Georgia dominated again.

I’m also heading to back to Ole Miss at Oxford, where “M.D.” were the mayor, in the South’s Reconstruction after the Civil War, and where he was arrested then pardoned, before moving to Indian Territory Oklahoma to be a Boomer Sooner in that land grab, after having a son. My grandfather and his big brother were born out West, there. The elder of which was the best football player in the country at Rice University in Texas, including scoring a still school record 6 touchdowns in a game, while the younger, my grandpa went to Texas A&M before WWI. They both served.

Story of America. Like college football.

All these places somehow figure into the race for the SEC. Auburn took a step back but is still alive. Bama, Texas A&M and Ole Miss (who lost to Bama and host A&M Saturday night) are all alive for the SEC West, while a great GEORGIA has won the East and awaits an SECCG return chance.

Oklahoma is undefeated and projects for the CFP, though behind undefeated Cincy; Ohio State has the best offense in FBS and one loss, to a one-loss Oregon. Expect some usual suspects, like the Buckeyes, who we haven’t played since Garrison Hearst, and some recent opponents. Georgia opens with Oregon in Atlanta next year, and beat Oklahoma in the Rose and Cincy in the Peach. Georgia of course lost to Bama in the Natty, which is by the way, always counted as a bowl game.

The playoff is coming.

Can big Jordan Davis be the king of the season?

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