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Fallacy of Fling

Next year’s champions since January 2nd of 1981, the day, in the morning after Ol’ Georgia’s only undisputed national championship. Here we are again, friends. Looking at a (NY6) New Year’s Six big non-championship qualifying bowl, probably the Peach Bowl in Atlanta on Friday January 1st, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. I have attended many Peach Bowls and look forward to it.

Running Back to the Future.

We gotta get in the now, man, but can’t already, or yet, with two by-mid-year losses and a crowded (CFP) College Football Playoff field; UGA ranked #8 in the latest CFP Poll – the only poll that matters at all from the time of its first (in-season) release, until throughout the final selection of the four teams for the CFP, and then of all the biggest bowls. The College Football Playoff committee slots teams and selects participants, by committee discussions, debates and vote.

We are a legit preseason contender for the CFP every year (since after 2017, UGA’s lone qualification) and finished #5 in each of the final CFP polls of the past two years, after a #3 entry into the CFP: the SEC Championship/Rose Bowl (I was out there)/Natty-ATL heartbroken season.

With an expansion to six bowls at the top-tier (it was once just four), the Bulldogs are heavily-favored to get an NY6 game every year and have done so three consecutive years: sUGAr, Sugar (loss), Rose, going back.

(*NY6: Rose, Sugar, Peach, Cotton, Orange, Fiesta)

We party, like nationally-ranked party school, but that type of cultural analysis is beyond futile during a global pandemic. UGA, more and more a national academic namebrand school and football program, is recruiting nationally better than ever, in terms of both the whole student body and the team itself. We went national to attract top talent and still represent the Peach State as a flagship, as well our singular status: the birthplace of American public higher education (1785).

UGA football recruiting has finished #1, #3, #1, #3 the last full four-year cycle, so the talent is within the highest-level in the whole country and, per always, the future at Georgia is Lookin’ Good.

The school of straight-A true freshmen classes in its general student body, mixed with quite a few many others – like the athletes – attending one of the tip top public schools in the South, in gorgeousness, in the Classic City.

And, our college football is strong.

Throwing way too much is never the right answer at RBU – Running Back University – so I was beyond delighted to see the power and toss sweep run game implemented in our easy CANINES vs. CHICKENS smoke out, in Columbia. Georgia was an unacceptable 5-5 in the last 10 series meetings entering the contest, coming off a tough loss in the old series in Athens last year. ‘Twas a late season and diminished Border Bash this time out, with UGA alums subbed for one another, interim (non-candidate) Mike Bobo for a fired-again Will Muschamp as head coach. They’ll get new jobs.

Chickens as a program are not on our level, y’all.

Speaking of talent, Vandy, Florida (darn Gators), GEORGIA are the triumvirate of the best three academic institutions in the SEC, interesting each is in the SEC East, to me.

Speaking of the SEC East, Vandy is next. Their kicker could be the first girl to score in a Power 5 game with an extra point or field goal (Saturday at 4p, Senior Day, televised by the SEC Network, limited in-person attendance). They too like Carolina just fired their defense-minded head coach; Mason will get a new job in an ever-increasing available talent pool.

Mark Richt for Athletic Director! …Bye, Greg.

Han Vance in ATL

Han Vance in ATL

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