Familiar Territory

Virtually a replay of last season, simply reverse the Palmetto State opponents. Think back to us beating South Carolina by pulling away late and then putting it on them; that’s what we did to Clemson in Athens.

Think back to the Clemson opener of 2013. We botched a short field goal attempt and lost by three, and we failed to use Todd Gurley in a key situation, where our QB, who otherwise played well, made a key mistake. Murray got picked and Mason was booked for grounding, and a failure between the snapper and holder instead of a kicker whiff are the small differences.

We are .500 and all of our goals are ahead of us still. This is where I thought UGA would be, and the schedule is somewhat favorable from here on out, with us having played the toughest two-game opener in the country. Count on South Carolina losing another conference game. Can we win out?