Fantasy Spring Football

What would it hurt for there to be a real game in the spring? Have your big spring game a week or two earlier if you feel the need. Then a week later: Georgia vs. Michigan; Nebraska vs. LSU; Ohio St. vs. UCLA. No records, no polls, no mythical championships, no extension of spring practice. Just a game. Even a scrimmage. Spring games are full contact except for QBs anyway – that could still be the case – and football players take injury risk every single day they practice. A scrimmage of the magnitude of those I mentioned would sell out, be great TV and generate fan interest. I think the players, especially those with very little experience, would benefit from the experience. I would really and truly in my fantasy world like to see a three game spring season, which would generate huge revenue and interest and, of course, be a strain on players due to travel, injury, etc. But can you imagine how awesome it would be to see UGA play at Michigan and then have UCF and Oregon come to Sanford this spring? Fantastic, and a single scrimmage game would be much more doable, of course, but this is fantasy football.