Faulk You, Ole Miss

Dawgs play Ole Miss this weekend in baseball, Foley Field, Athens. We have a 3.5 game lead in the SEC; Ole Miss is in first in the SEC West – big series. So Mississippi. Home of Uncle Billy. William Faulkner, yes sir, the greatest Southern writer of all-time, until now. I could not even read him – not at first. I was writing in a very modern vernacular, you know what I’m saying, homebiscuit. And I tried to educate myself on the classics. I have been a fan of now for sometime. The now that includes Tom Wolfe and Nick Hornby and David Sedaris and Dave Eggers…and ME. But I wanted to know then. So I re-read some and read others for the first time. I re-read and first-read various works by Uncle Ernie – HEMINGWAY is the heat. And I twice tried to read ole billie boy’s The Sound and the Fury and bogged down in the language, the antiquated vernacular. So I switched to Light in August and was challenged a bit but absolutely loved it. Now I sit half-way between Faulkner and Hemingway. Faulkner makes it all up with style and trick-after-trick and Hemingway reports on it and flat out says it; I do both. I love them both. They disliked one another, which is “interesting.” Anywho, I was walking down the street, my street, and I saw guess what name on the back of a Kell High School Lettermen’s Jacket??? Faulkner. “FAULKNER!” I cried out. The boy turned around and had his face, almost. My neighbor had The Name and the Face. His grandma jumped in saying, “He’s related to him too. His sister did a report on William Faulkner and found out exactly how Danny, his dad, was related to the writer.” “Wow, I’m a writer…I’m a huge fan of Faulkner. I was just studying Faulkner and looking at a picture of him before I left my house. You actually look a good bit like him…What position do you play?” “This is a band jacket.” “Oh what instrument then?” “French horn.” “Perfect.”