Final Reflection on 2020 Season:

Final Reflection on 2020 Season:

Negative Nancies would point out here and now that Georgia did not have to schedule Clemson, finding a regular season game to be underdog in out of conference. Surely glad they did, of course, as we are filming ‘Ep2: Superfans, Big Games’ of my new show All College Report (please SUBSCRIBE to All College Report on YouTube) from the Queen City. Day in the life of a few fans like myself and Merv Waldrop, and the biggest regular season game of the year.

Sure it’s the JT era now so I’m crying over spoiled grapes instead of enjoying my wine, but at the time, if you were listening to Big Hairy Vlog or its no visuals progenitor The Dawg Pawd last season, you know I was calling for Daniels all along to play as soon as possible. I don’t think he did. By the time he got in I was past begging for him to play.

The SEC East, therefore SEC, therefore CFP: therefore Natty shot, were all already lost.


Taking you back to :41 left in the 3rd; Gators sitting on 41 fat points (they’d score 44 in a blowout the likes of which a great defense can’t let happen while expecting real success). Your Dawgs have a measly 21, and the promising then-freshman runner Kendall Milton has been lost to injury. Kearis scores and dances and UGA has cracked 28; it’s too late.

The camera catches a hurt and pulled Mailman doing a lot of quarterback talking on the sidline, where Mathis has just thrown the TD to start hot. Won’t last and he’ll never be the guy at Georgia, leaving the program. Mathis is listening but kind of looking away, and JT comes into the widening shot. He’s now a meaningless games except the Peach he miraculously won undefeated with four wins and zero defeats.

A week after this scene on TV he threw for over four hundred. Why did the coaching staff not play him sooner? This was the game Georgia had to win.