Collision sports of various sorts are all I know, really. Skateboarding tastes like pavement. I could slam dunk hard and was a shot blocker and always the fouling enforcer, on every basketball team I played on, and I’d seek contact in the lane so I could go to the line and drain…their will to win. Never an actual sporting pugilist like my old man, my primary sport of pure masculine aggression was always FOOTBALL. That great American pastime. I played special teams and was a sub on D and started at wide or tight or slot and relished working the middle on 3rd down. I took pride in taking the big hits while snagging the ball for first downs.

Receiver nor any other so-called skill position shall ever be mistaken for fullback. What do fullbacks do? They MAKE touchdowns and eventually wins.

Sure, solid special teams set it up and the O-line protects while the QBs sling prettily to leaping speed merchants with glue hands and runners score the most and defense wins championships, but in a pro-style offense like Mark Richt-era Georgia’s the FB is the man. Don’t tell the voters – don’t tell the mainstream media or even the fans. The honest truth is always known on the team, though.

The fullbacks at UGA take the brunt of the violent defense squarely on their broad shoulders and directly to the head.

Fact: Moose won those plays for the Triplets of Dallas and was a Cowboy as responsible as any for those three world titles. Fact: Richt’s Georgia offenses have been the beneficiary of some dynamite fullback play.

Quayvon Hicks remains, and he has athleticism, speed and power in his personal arsenal. He even sports a Bane facemask from the Dark Knight Batman flick, but former walk on Merritt Hall had too much moxie to surrender his starting spot when available for game action, until now.

Concussions have forced Mr. Hall into early retirement. Why did I go so personal to start this column? Because I wanted it to be understood I too had many head injuries. Concussions are dark and too real and surreal and lonely and scary and can cause depression and self-loathing. Keep Merritt Hall in your hearts and prays, Georgia fans. He is and will always be a DAMN GOOD DAWG!