Georgia Football Schedule

Georgia Football Schedule

Han Vance on Georgia football:

1. Sep. 26th 4:00p EST GEORGIA AT ARKANSAS – SECN (0-0) – Hog-Dog rodeo, former UGA O-line guru Sam Pittman as head coach.

2. Oct. 3rd 7:30p EST AUBURN AT GEORGIA – ESPN (0-0) – Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry (since 1892).

3. Oct. 10th TBD p.m. TENNESSEE AT GEORGIA – TBA (0-0) – UT ended last season on a 6-game win streak and has former UGA D.C. Jeremy Pruitt as head coach.

4. Oct. 8p EST GEORGIA AT ALABAMA – CBS (0-0) – The biggest game in the SEC for 2020.

5. Oct. 24th TBD p.m. GEORGIA AT KENTUCKY – TBA (0-0) – SEC East battle on the bluegrass.

6. Oct. 31st BYE ~ I never liked it when the biggest game in the SEC East fell on the crazy holiday, anyway.

7. Nov. 7th 3:30p EST GEORGIA “in” FLORIDA – CBS (0-0) – I’m hanging in quiet, pretty St. Marys again, as mighty Georgia goes for four straight and 7-of-10 over our biggest rival.

8. Nov. 14th TBD p.m. GEORGIA AT MISSOURI – TBA (0-0) – SEC East contest in the heartland.

9. Nov. 21st TBD p.m. MISSISSIPPI STATE AT GEORGIA – TBA (0-0) – The real Bulldogs host the Maroon Pups.

10. Nov. 28th TBD p.m. GEORGIA AT SOUTH CAROLINA – TBA (0-0) – Perhaps the family house in Aiken for a staging area.

11. Dec. 5th TBD p.m. VANDERBILT AT GEORGIA – TBA (0-0) – December in Athens is surprisingly charming, when they light up the downtown streets and the chill is finally real.

12. They’re calling this a bye; it’s a reschedule slot.

13. Dec. 19th 4:00 p.m. GEORGIA WINS SEC CHAMPIONSHIP – CBS (0-0) – With LSU down to 5 returning starters and dropping, it’s Bama again (or maybe Auburn or long shot Texas A&M).

…{Previously, I had said:

9/26 GEORGIA-ARKANSAS ~ Arkansas, Virginia, whatever. DAWGS SEASON! Georgia gets a nice fluffy SEC West opponent for an opener, as the rebuilding at best, Sam Pittman-led Arkansas Hogs host, in a matchup noteworthy mainly in that it will have last year’s UGA O-line coach in his first game as an NCAA football head coach. Hello, Fayetteville. My father-in-law Colonel Buddy Buck U.S. Army Retired is a lifelong Arkansas fan. His daughter went to GEORGIA, where she ran into this crazy fan a few times (we got married much later when I was 40).

10/3 AUBURN-GEORGIA ~ I hate old Auburn did that, making our late season schedules so soft every year when we may need real challengers to tune us up better leading up to the postseason. Their best three (and healthiest) teams beat Georgia, once each, and the other dozen times it was straight up DAWGS! We own Auburn now in the series that used to be the closest in sport. The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry was first played in Piedmont Park of Atlanta on February 20th of 1892. Should be a Deep South holiday. Auburn was so tired of losing late-season to both neighbors, Georgia (12-of-15) and Alabama (much shorter length bad trend, they won last year) that they got Georgia moved to the middle of their seasons, keeping the Iron Bowl finale. Tradition be damned. Doesn’t much matter in 2020, obviously, but AU will no longer be UGA’s last SEC game.

Loran & HAN

10/10 TENNESSEE-GEORGIA ~ They are better than we think; Georgia’s superior talent will have gelled. Tennessee-Georgia is the closest rivalry in college football, y’all. School’s are tied for the second-most SEC championships, while Georgia has a narrow one-game overall lead in the series, that was dominated by UT in SEC East play prior to the final year of the Jim Donnan era.

10/17 GEORGIA-ALABAMA ~ This is huge: Georgia on the capstone of Bama. Georgia has won twice consecutively at Alabama actually, over ranked teams, the last coached by little Nick Saban. Georgia was simply out-coached at the top late in the last two meetings of infrequent rivals, with the schools not playing last season. And, mighty Bama winning five-in-a-row total over Ol’ Georgia and being the only SEC school with more SEC titles than UGA’s 13 (tied with Tenn.). They claim more national crowns than Georgia has league titles (15 when counting pre-SEC for UGA). With Bama having way less moving parts, i.e. no new: offensive coordinator, 4-of-5 offensive linemen including both NFL first round talent tackles, quarterback without game experience at school, featured runner, than a talented UGA that gets most folks back on defense but has still not scrimmaged offense. Alabama gets the bettor advantage nod. They have a proven better head coach, are at home (should be quieter but still), return a good proven running back, a solid QB with some starts with big numbers and the same play caller, two all-American caliber experienced wideouts and they above all have the huge mental advantage over our coaches. Win this game and Georgia could be either #1 or #2 (with Clemson, still, in the other slot); lose and we’d fall to maybe #5 (no Ohio State helps there in both scenarios) or #7 at worst. In my opinion. Georgia-Bama is the marquee game for the whole of the SEC this year, the SEC by far the top conference in the whole world, quantifiably. This key game was originally slotted for 9/19 but the season pushed to 9/26. …A rematch may be imminent.

10/24 GEORGIA-KENTUCKY ~ Le Bleu treated us quite well when Merv-Trav-Han (and The Rookie) went up there and met up with Dan the Man and E-Perk. …Thank you!

10/31 ~BYE~

11/7 GEORGIA(AT-ALWAYS-AT)-FLORIDA ~ Dawgs win because Florida had trouble running the ball last season, won’t get enough yardage. Florida is a legit top 10 team with more proven returning than UGA, but Kirby is 3-1 at Cocktail Party. Win the Bama game and UGA could drop this game, if Florida takes two losses, much more likely with more SEC games. UGA wins SEC East either way and has a 10-game series lead and building, with three big wins in a row and 6-of-9.

11/14 GEORGIA-MISSOURI ~ Shaped similarly and with two major cities on its right and left central edges, Missouri can’t contain Georgia. It is in the Midwest middle of America, campus that is. It’s a geographical impossibility like Mizzou being in the Southeast, but that Ozarks area below I love so much – especially Bull Shoals Lake – is remarkably Southern. That’s Miser-a. They’ve beaten Georgia just once – an upset in Athens – since joining the SEC, that was their first year in the league.

11/21 MISS STATE-GEORGIA ~ Maroon Pups will throw it around our Sanford Stadium yard, with a pirate as coach.

11/28 GEORGIA-SOUTH CAROLINA ~ Looking forward to this trip, still. CANINES CLOBBER CHICKENS and my peer alumnus and classmate will then explain how and why on TV. Will.

12/5 VANDY-GEORGIA ~ That’s a win and a good year to have the game in Athens, with limited fans. We wouldn’t want to miss a Nashville party, so pack your red boots away for 2021. This is an unusually subpar matchup for an Athens and/or SEC finale.

12/19 SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (ATL) ~ I have Georgia over Bama, by 10. Wanna be a truly big-time program? Win Atlanta!

Party Like It’s 1980!

CFP ~ Big 12 Champs (Oklahoma) / SEC Champs (Georgia) / ACC Champs (Clemson) / At-large (undefeated UCF or undeserving Bama)

I wasn’t picking Georgia to win the *national championship* this year. Thinking of picking the team with our PROVEN quarterback. After Georgia handles Clemson because we own Clem and Son LLC – look it up. Karma and bad-calls-to-blame kicking Coach Kirby right in his impostor syndrome again in the end and losing close and late to jilted Justin Fields and them damn Yankees of Ohio State…but, oh wait:


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