GEORGIA Loaded at QB

GEORGIA Loaded at QB

Han Vance on Georgia football: HV#1 ~ I never projected Jamie Newman to start for UGA, in fact publishing an article I took a little heat for called “Jamie Newman Hype Puzzling” back on August 21st.

Hello, Newman.

So unlike the half-informed TV-talk (or I-done-seen-it-on-the-web) buying unwashed masses looking for someone to love in all the wrong places and the blowhard puppet mainstream UGA media looking for somebody to hype, I took him to be straight overrated, from the get.

Why? Because he was.

I looked at his stats and actual game tape and noted that there were no marquee grad transfers (like Jalen Hurts or Kelly Bryant) at all for the 2020 season. Dude went 1-4 down the stretch with a ton of picks that were his fault. Better options were, yet-to-announce at the time, Houston transfer to Miami D’Eriq King who had scored 50 touchdowns for the H-Town (BIG UP!) Cougars a year prior and then sat out 2019 after four games when the team lost some winnable contests. And, J.T. Daniels who likewise announced a little later, but had started for (the real) USC as a true frosh – not an upperclassman – and still has a lot of eligibility left. As an upperclassman starting for Weak Forest aka the Wake Forest Demon Deacons – cool creepy smoking preacher mascot and all, Newman relied too heavily on his physical gifts – which he has aplenty – over consistent solid football decision-making and threw way too many picks, kind of an anti-Fromm; troubling me particularly were multiple interception games where he flung it up for grabs at inopportune times and cost his team games, in an ACC so diluted that fallen American heroes Notre Dame are projected to finish 2nd in their first year playing in any football conference ever, after beating nobody of any note in oh so many moons.

(Little side note to a contrarian friend who hates football conferences and legit multi-round playoffs: this coffee in the “G” cup is so good, at 4:20 a.m. Better than beer, even.)

[Not everybody can look like the Lizard King…]

Han Vance in ATL

Han Vance in ATL

Stud J.T. Daniels did what freshman do when thrust into the starting lineup at a Power 5 school straight out of high school. He took his lumps. I’ll get back to him, in a sec, but I put that here to lead into my brief discussion of the quarterback SEC all-time passing leader Aaron Murray said looked the best in a recent UGA scrimmage. I value Murray’s opinion and analysis – great guy, too. He became a dad recently, and I was thinking aloud he’d be so amazing at that.

Carson Beck is probably not ready for SEC play. He is a true frosh, and the schedule has no usual cupcake buildup. It’s all SEC, all the time. No team outside the SEC would want our league’s schedules, period.

As just a high school junior at big Mandarin High School in Jacksonville, Florida Gators one-time verbal Carson Beck won the 8-A (largest classification) state championship and Mr. Football. Realizing Georgia was a comparable academic institution (15th-ranked public school to Florida’s current 6th) but much better Top 10 football program than the U of F, which is also in a swamp, he switched to the superior party school in the better city. Georgia is above Florida, and JAX is Georgia country: Dawgs play there every year and have a full 10-game series advantage, including three straight and 6-of-9. We can’t lose the current decade no matter how you count it, reptiles, and are going for 70% wins over the last 10 years in 2020. That’s superior.

His senior year did not go as well, when his team was too young.

Young J.T. Daniels got hurt after his best football playing ever, to open his sophomore season, and he was expected not to get immediate eligibility at Georgia, although with medical redshirting he’d have kept the year of eligibility for the future. He was granted a hardship waiver to play right away; meaning in laymen’s terms “something totally uncool” institutionally happened to him at Southern Cal, brah. He won’t say what, which speaks highly of his character. With the NCAA not counting this season against anyone’s eligibility, last they said, anyway, he could be at Georgia for a very long time. He has already swapped schools once, so it is more unlikely that he’d do that, again.

Don’t expect all these guys to stay at UGA. Quarterback carousel is just the way of the times, folks.

Stetson Bennett IV was the practice team quarterback in the SEC championship season, in effect backing up Fromm-Eason. After that, he transferred to a place he could start and did. Then, he came back to our beloved UGA to back up Fromm last year. He’s only 5-11 (so is that D’Eriq King dude I mentioned above), but he’s such an accurate passer that he is nicknamed the Mailman. He delivers. Current Colorado head coach Mel Tucker said “IV” routinely lit up Georgia’s Roquan Smith- (Butkus Award) and D’Andre Baker- (Jim Thorpe Award) led defense in practice “better than Baker [Mayfield]” and could start and succeed.

As sometime BHB contributor Expat Jack can attest, my projected eventual someday starter the day he got signed was D’Wan Mathis (four-star). The rangy 6-6 Michigan native flipped from Ohio State and has a lively arm and is highly intelligent.

He’s the most like [your guy] Newman physically – and no not because he’s black, for any of you who are straight simpletons still. He is fast, athletic, tall, cannon arm. And look at it this way: he never threw 11 picks in a year, while graduating from a basketball school private college, in the upper South.

He did have brain surgery, which is why I have talked about him so little since then. I’ve literally been too busy praying for the kid.

He starts at Arkansas on 9/26, I predict, which means nothing for the whole season. Lambert started over Eason, then got pulled for Eason in game one – huge mistake longterm, by the way, as UVA-grad Greyson Lambert still has the best winning percentage of any starting UGA QB and set the NCAA single-game completion mark in an SEC game. While notably drunken, long-haired ladies man Eason was just 8-5 at UGA, then went 8-5 back in the wet Northwest at Udub. Eason started over Fromm, later, and got hurt in game one and never started again at UGA. Fromm beat out a Justin Fields who struggled with immediately grasping O.C. Jim Chaney’s complex line of scrimmage audible to run reads. But Fields played.

Kirby always does so little on/to/for his offenses; it’s just not his cup of tea. While new QB guru and seasoned offensive coordinator Todd Monken will have someone – more than one guy probably – ready to go at Arkansas. We’re all (virtually) coming to Hogland for ya, Colonel.

…Then the schedule reads: Auburn, Tennessee, at BAMA. Kirby wants Alabama (heck, he was born there).