Georgia On Bubble with 19 Wins

DAWGS swept the season series from South Carolina by winning in the Classic City 64-48 Saturday night. Trey Thompkins went for twenty in a game punctuated by an abundance of Georgia dunks, by a myriad of players. The team seems to be gelling when we face average and poor teams, but we have not faired well against upper echelon talent this season. We have nineteen total wins and should enter the NCAA tournament with twenty, as we have none of what the tournament selection committee calls “Bad Losses,” with three of what they call “Quality Wins” (Kentucky, UAB, @Tennessee), and Georgia is 7-3 in road games.

Next up is a near must-win for Mark Fox’s club, LSU Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. The final SEC game will be at SEC West leader BAMA, in the only scheduled meeting this season between the two seemingly evenly well-matched teams. Starting March 10th, in the SEC Tourney, in The ATL, Georgia may have the type of talented special team to make a late weekend tourney run.

Can’t wait to see Carolina in Athens for football this season, with the Dawgs seeking payback against a loaded Steve Spurrier-led squad, whom quite typically underperformed down the stretch last season. They’ll have that running back coming back, as Munson might say, if he were worrying about the games like he always did aloud for us to hear for so many wonderful years. Man, I really miss Larry Munson. Y’all ready for spring football yet, or what? GO DAWGS!!!