Georgia’s Offense Needs Improvement

Georgia’s Offense Needs Improvement

Han Vance on Georgia football: in preseason 2020 I projected Georgia to have no shot at the national championship because of a lack of known explosive offensive options, besides head case George Pickens, and the Dawgs were blown out twice, in games they looked to have a shot in at halftime but eventually simply got outscored in, by teams with already known offensive weapons.

High draft picks about to go pro. All-Americans.

While I’m all in on Brock Bowers, a freshman tight end is not going to provide enough team offense to win a national championship, any year, as better teams will key him. Georgia also has no feature runner – five guys contribute and none dominates, none breaks any long runs whatsoever  – and a redshirt freshman who went from projected preferred walk on to “late take” is the leading wide receiver. A good Ladd but not a guy you talked about in the preseason: he got cooled Saturday.

Georgia – who starts a former walk on at quarterback, thwarted physically in the two big losses I mentioned (to Florida and Bama) – is “doing it with smoke and mirrors” right now and better find more gamebreaking playmakers on offense before Atlanta. Look at the individual producers on the last two SEC championship teams: chocked with upperclassmen on their way to win national championships and the high rounds of those years’ NFL drafts…now look at Georgia’s starting offense.

Do you see an AJ Green, a Swift even, a Stafford, a Gurley, a Chubb, a Sony type anywhere on this football team? On offense, I see a bunch of kids trying hard in college before they soon go do other jobs, honestly. Maybe a couple cup of coffee in the pros guys, a smattering of good underclassmen.

Defense wins championships has not been fully accurate in college football since before the Miami Hurricanes and FSU changed the game and it opened up. I was in high school then and am 51 now. We looked to find one, my brother and I, just one national championship team without any big name-brand offensive weapons, and I came up with none, while he came up with 2002 Ohio State, a couple decades ago. But when I looked deeper, they had a runner go for well over 1,200 yards. We don’t have a guy who gets a hundred rushing in any game.

Georgia’s special teams are decent not spectacular. We punt well. We miss some kicks. We don’t bust any big ones. Punting [never] wins rings.

Defense? Maybe the best in school history, although the best teams they have beaten in 2021 are a Kentucky who will never ever win the SEC in football again and an Auburn one more loss away from being unranked again. This schedule, which featured the statistical worst offensive team in the ACC, in Clemson, looked tougher in the preseason.

The SEC East is all but already done, with only Georgia and Kentucky even ranked. Florida has a terrible record. They score though and Georgia could be overconfident in two weeks.

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That explosive team from Tuscaloosa, who scored 38 on the road their one bad game, and whichever of the other three teams in the CFP besides Georgia, if we give the Tide an ultra-rare two-loss by early December year, will bring real scoring ability.

Will a somewhat untested UGA offense that has been getting the ball back more than can be expected in the CFP be able to keep pace?

I publicly had Georgia and Oklahoma (1 and 2) with a rugged Cincy who gave us more than we wanted in Atlanta last year and either Ohio State or Bama rounding out the CFP field, this summer. I still do.