Get the Picture

Like Larry Munson used to say, Get the Picture, you guys. The television announcers are saying, ” Georgia can’t stop Tech.” Tech scores then shanks an extra point. 35-34 Dawgs. Brandon Boykin has played and tackled well but fumbles the kick, and it’s scooped up by Rambo. We eventually stall and Coach Richt decides to go on 4th and short. Murray fumbles the snap. Now we are in trouble, though we do cling to a one-point lead.

Tech in business. Big Hairy Dawgs’ defense rises up and stuffs them, once, twice. It’s 3rd and long for Tech, then 4th and long for Tech, then our ball.

Then the smart math Tech coaches realize that they need to let us score. Ealey runs one in and we are up eight, after the kick.

But we are kicking the ball to Tech. Tech can’t run anymore with no timeouts and 1:29 remaining in the game, in the Battle for the Governor’s Cup – this game really matters around here.

It’s 42-34, and we could have run out the clock. Tech’s passing attack appears flacid. One incompletion, two incompletions. Then a couple of catches. Tech near midfield.

An incompletion, it’s 2nd and ten. Then Justin Houston, our best defensive player, comes up with a pick. DAWGS win!

And we are back to .500 at 6-6, and ready for a bowl game. We’ve qualified for bowls for fifteen straight years and played in fourteen straight bowls (Goff’s last team qualified and was uninvited to a bowl game). Richt is attempting to improve his bowl record to 8-2, at a yet to be disclosed location (probably the Music City or Liberty).

This game was dominated by UGA junior class members AJ Green, Brandon Boykin and Justin Houston – he scored a huge touchdown earlier on a fumble recovery and dive into the endzone. All three were likely playing their last game Between the Hedges of Sanford Stadium, as the NFL awaits.

Looking forward to a huge NCAA bowl season, and though we have struggled again this year, I’m damn proud to be a DAWG. See you in Tennessee, or wherever they send us. GO DAWGS!!!

By the way: that’s 9-1 over Tech over a decade – sincere congratulations to Head Coach Mark Richt for true state dominance.