Half-Decade SEC Rewind

Georgia finished with the 2nd best record of any SEC program over the half decade, with #1 Bama netting two national titles. The parity across the league faded, as nobody accomplished the biggest prize besides Bama, twice. Even the miracle Auburn team that won the SEC didn’t realize the crystal trophy, ending the long SEC run of national championships, by Florida (two), by LSU (two), these programs didn’t get sniffs, as the Tide put away all lingering SEC challengers over this last window.

Let’s look more closely at the league’s programs over the past 5 years:


  1. Alabama – 2 rings and ruled SEC with 4 league titles, a period more dominant even than Georgia’s early 1980’s run. They’ve been 14-1 each of last two seasons. 64-7 (they lost only 7!).
  2. Georgia – sorry, haters. The Dawgs slide into sexy second with a 48-18 mark, the lone divisional championship a 2012 two-loss national title contender also ran. No SECs after none in the previous five equaled the door for Coach Mark Richt. Kirby lost 5 games his first year coaching in Athens, after Richt’s last 4 went: 12-2, 8-5 (injuries), 10-3, 10-3. SEC (East?) or bust in 2017. This year’s GEORGIA team has the talent for a huge season.
  3. LSU- 45-18 and Les was shown the door. Honey Badger and them were considered the best and most accomplished regular season team in college football history, losing a rematch to Alabama they got nothing except an SEC ring, and that was more than 5 years ago now. Nothing, Bayou Bengals.
  4.  Texas A&M Р44-21 for Kevin Sumlin. Say what you will about Johnny Football, he was one of the greatest college football players ever. They won most of these in front half of years, for sure and have had no real breakthroughs.
  5. Florida – 41-23, and they are back to winning the SEC East back-to-back, Dawgs, on the strength of 3 straight Cocktail Parties.
  6. Mississippi State – 40-25. Very respectable run for Maroon Pups.
  7. Ole Miss – 39-25. Strong stretch for Oxford’s Rebels, too.
  8. South Carolina – 38-26, the Ball Coach had a few good years.
  9. Auburn – 38-27, Auburn is way back in the pack, while we’ve consistently whipped all Aubie squads that don’t reach the national championship game for more than a decade. If you’re looking for those extra losses Auburn fans, they’ve been Georgia.
  10. Missouri – 37-27, two SEC East crowns.
  11. Tennessee – 35-28. Eleventh in the SEC, Vols. Barely on the list.
  12. Vandy – 31-32 is actually an almost accomplishment at this private school, but win one more to be respectable, little ‘Dores.
  13. Arkansas – 29-34 is sub .500 and should be better.
  14. Kentucky – 21-40 and won just 2 twice.