Have to hit ‘em ~ BHB on WLOCP

Have to hit ‘em ~ BHB on WLOCP

Han Vance on Georgia football: This is the biggest game of the regular season, every year. A midseason bowl game-like environment, only bigger as the teams are such bitter rivals.

Georgia has scored just 24 and 14 in its last two games, so expecting a huge offensive eruption suddenly seems foolishly optimistic.

Instead, UGA may have to shorten this game by playing bully ball Florida isn’t wanting.

I’d literally throw no passes other than maybe a few screens and slip-out wheel routes to James Cook III for at least the first quarter, maybe half, maybe the whole game.

Make them stop it!

These runs would not be straight up the middle, too much. A combo of toss sweeps to the corner, designed QB runs, WR runs, runs off tackle and off guard, runs from the i-formation too and less from back in shotgun, with an assortment of directions and looks and ball carriers.

Freshman Kendall Milton only had eight totes in the last game and has the game breaker ability to go for many more. Zamir White had his first 100-yard game and is running hard, with a long of 22. James Cook can hit the edge the quickest.

These three weapons are all healthy and Bennett can run if he protects the ball better. WR Jermaine Burton can jet and wants touches.

If they can’t stop it, why do anything else at all and risk the picks (five in last two games) or stop the stupid clock?

Play keep away. Kill the quarters and the half and here comes a less than perfectly politically correct thing to say: and their quarterback.

Smack that bitch! Georgia should knock Trask to the bench or at least get him totally shook.

They are not a good running team and are a matchup problem, with their big tight end especially. Let him burn us on a couple blitzes if necessary. Take the late hit flags if necessary. Do whatever it takes to get to Trask and thump him. And if so, Georgia wins.

Azeez Ojulari of Nigeria and speedy Adam Anderson and Jermaine Johnson II of JUCO Last Chance U and powerful Malik Herring, who I’d move inside, can all get to him. I’d run line stunts galore with these smaller guys and not worry about them running up the middle.

Let the other guys cover. We have to tackle!

Same way we first exposed Tua, resulting in him winning no national championships as a starter of two years.

Instead of our usual 3-4, we could plug these four faster guys in there to stop the Mullen passing attack. It’s excellent.

But it’s all they have. FU UF!!!