Heart, Fight, Attrition, Elation, Preparation

MURRAY FOR HEISMAN the media really begins to bark now as the fifth-year senior quarterback willed GEORGIA to win Saturday on Rocky Top; he goes undefeated against former SEC East power UT in his career as a four-year starter.

He did it this week with a cast of misfit parts at the skill positions, with the support of a young team defense that weekly sees the opponent’s scoreboard say 30+, for a special program somehow without a special teams coach (WHY, GEORGIA, WHY?) who far too often makes giant gaffes in the third component which yield touchdowns. And he did it on a day the University of Tennessee showed their most fight in years. They had fight but not as much magic, moxie, heart as our beloved Dawgs and especially the great Murray. Georgia’s greatest?

Ever heard of the SEC, Tennessee? Florida? LSU? Auburn? Bama?

The top runner in SEC history and top receiver in SEC history and top two passers in SEC history are GEORGIA. That was true coming into the game, which saw Murray need an even 100 to break David Greene’s career mark. He got it easily. Greene retired as the all-time winningest quarterback in NCAA history, by the way, for all you big Peyton or Tebow fans out there. We are better than you.

Another week, another early injury to a star runner for UGA. Last year, the RED OUT was Gurshall’s real coming out party as lightning Keith Marshall cut quick for an even bigger game than the always thunderous Todd Gurley. Last week’s epic LSU CBS 3:30 tilt saw BEAST-Gurley get rolled up while the shootout was still just 14-14. Murray went out and won that game, getting nearly a hundred in run support from Marshall, while the D was gashed through the air by Mettenberger, Landry, Beckham Jr. and crew to the tune of 41 points. 44-41 the scoreboard said late, and the victory bell rang that night so clear and true through the Classic City.

This was an away game with that old blue tick hound Smoky, those ugly checkerboards, that obnoxiously catchy Rocky Top Tennessee ringing in our ears at Peyton’s Place – far up at the edge of the big, beautiful Deep South mountains, a far cry from Between the Hedges.

Marshall done, Gurley in street clothes from the start, enter J.J. Green for 129 yards, enter another frosh, Brendan Douglas for a huge game full of power runs, big catches, contact. GEORGIA = Running Back U – not you, USC, not you, BAMA. #GEORGIA is Herschel, Hearst, Hampton, Tate, Edwards, Gary, Davis, Smith, Brown, Moreno, Sinkwich, Trippi, Green, Marshall, Gurley, Worley.

Tennessee’s Worley played his best game and UT had no turnovers while the clock still ran, and their powerful line which had pushed around last year’s UGA NFL D for 44 points was back. Neal is a great power runner, and it showed. But our young D significantly outplayed past performances in one aspect. We gave up only 24 on the road in the SEC. Sure, an unprepared punting unit gifted another touchdown, but if you can keep any team to 24 without any takeaways in regulation, Murray will beat them. Every single time. Create some big takeaways and it won’t be so close.

This was razor close, y’all. It was 10-0 and it was 17-3 and Butch got them to fight like lawyer Lil’ Dooley never fully could. They converted four 4th downs. That was Tennessee football, and I’m glad to see them back. They took their lumps, for sure.

Five seconds left in the game when WOOT woof WOOT woof Wooten went low for one. Perfectly placed to Rantavious! Touchdown needed. There was no plan B. Commit to the “G”, like one-handed delight Chris Conley – he talked Gurley/Marshall into inking as host on their recruiting trip. Gurley is coming back. Wooten and Conley are quality wideouts. Needed because super solid Michael Bennett and catch yardage leader Justin Scott-Wesley went down, too, with badly bent knees. JUCO 6-5 100 yards in G-DAY Rumph has had a hamstring nag and hasn’t touched the field.

It is time, because don’t look now but the ‘Zou just put 50 on Vandy a little ways across the Music State, in Nashville. They have a dynamic dual-threat senior quarterback and a top 10 in the NCAA offense and are undefeated and were drastically downgraded in national and regional opinion last year after innumerable injuries. They are a strong enough program to have been invited into the SEC, and they’re damn hungry.

Noon kick on ESPN, Between the Hedges. Come early, come on a good one, come to make some noise. We have won 15 straight at home and the Show Me Staters are making their first visit to the nation’s oldest state chartered public university, for football. It’s our time. You are cheering for a Hesiman-winner-to-be and he deserves it. Before it is over, Murray will have Wuerffel’s touchdown mark and Tebow’s total yardage mark, too. But will he wear any rings?

Your team needs you Saturday, fans. MAKE NOISE FOR OL’ GEORGIA!!! Glory to Ol’ Georgia.

Athletic “Pig” Howard lost the ball, and the kick for GEORGIA is only a 42-yarder. Morgan had been suspended for two games for buzzing on a boat. He’d made the longest kick ever against Tennessee earlier, but he’d also bounced one around this length off the iron. The kick is up … it splits the uprights. The cheering and singing stops. We stepped on their faces with another hobnail boot.