Homecoming Week

Homecoming Week

Enjoying. Heading back to the Classic City Saturday with my only other family member to ever attend UGA, the middle sibling of our five, I’m the oldest. Thinking back…

Good ol’ Johnny Vance could have gone almost anywhere and was in that first wave of great high school students who stayed home and went to the birthplace of American public higher education instead of any of the many a private elite that wanted them [him]. Now, it’s all kids with better GPAs than Johnny then had (except for the ball teams, which is the same baseline at all colleges).

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I was an expert partier and decent student and made straight A marks my senior year of high school –  attended three: Marietta, Lassiter, Oakwood then back to Lassiter –  but I was not an academics matter most type, ever. Even when I was later a nontrad returnee and made Presidential Scholar at UGA and got four academic awards and honorary societies, I was always looking ahead, to the weekend, to the future. One foot on the dance floors of ATL and on the hard pavement of the restaurant bar where I worked, one in Sanford Stadium, a girlfriend in The City…I would marry.

She and I have a sophomore at Georgia State – her undergrad alma mater – now and the Homecoming King and Class President of Woodstock High. (I remarried a UGA graduate.) Don’t doubt the Vance Boys when we want something, we try hard and get it. More on that on All College Report Episode Four, Flyin’ to Texas.

I love when people disbelieve I could have walked on and played for Georgia, even though I could jump out of the gym and was six feet tall and had the best hands at the school. Any school. I didn’t want it. Didn’t want to conform like that. I 100% could have done it. Look, Ladd McConkey weighed around 160 when he was first a late take for UGA – same as I weighed by 7th grade – he starts as a redshirt frosh and was MVP in the last win for the now-number one team in the country. Zeier would have thrown me the rock, if I’d wanted it enough.

Rankings are overrated but WE are #1 for the first time in the regular season since 1982, guided by The Mailman. Stafford and Moreno and AJ Green “earned” UGA a preseason #1 with Richt at the helm but that team’s defense took a big step back after a #3/#2 finish, in the two polls. We were #10, then. Once the CFP came out, the polls became more irrelevant: they start their annual half-year weekly rankings soon. UGA will be #1 there definitely, barring an upset loss. The 2017 team was #1 in the initial poll, then quickly got beat at Auburn. I was at Auburn FRI for a look see on the show, BTW. That team finished #2, too. Where you finish matters.

Hope to see you in Athens. GO DAWGS!!! #1 All hail the king.