Hoop Dawgs to Face Auburn Thu. at 1:00

The University of Georgia will face its oldest college football rival in the SEC basketball tournament in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. Georgia beat Auburn by nine points in basketball in the teams’ only regular season meeting this season. Win and UGA advances to face SEC West champion Alabama in a rematch of the final regular season game.

Auburn and Georgia are both football schools under varied dark clouds. UGA had its first losing season in 14 years and has a head coach on the hot seat; while Auburn won the national championship but is currently under intense NCAA investigative scrutiny. An Auburn football program supporter wishing to remain anonymous told me off the record that the hammer is definitely coming down, and it involves more than just the semi-professional status of Heisman-winning quarterback Cam Newton. It is rumored that Auburn boosters have been filtering dog track gambling money to top football players. I’m interested to see if this comes to light anytime soon and if the SEC and national titles will eventually be vacated due to major NCAA infractions.