How Dawgs can win big in 2010

With Tim Tebow and Joe Haden gone from Florida, and with Jonathon Dwyer and Bay-Bay Thomas gone from Tech, and with new quarterbacks and new running backs starting at Auburn and Tennessee, our four biggest rivals will be teams with question marks, in various rebuilding and reloading modes. We have the dominant established running game in the SEC East. Win the SEC East, and you probably get BAMA in the SEC Title Game in Atlanta, Georgia. You may get LSU or Auburn or even Arkansas, but any of those teams will be beatable in our home state, if we are SEC East Champs. That’s just the strength of the East.

Win that game and as SEC Champ we may play for it all even with a loss (or even two that year it was LSU and we ended up #2). Bradford and McCoy and Pete Carroll are gone nationally. So we may get a Big 10 Champ like Ohio State or an ACC Champ like Virginia Tech this year, should we be lucky enough to be voted to play in the National Championship. Those both sound like Dawg wins to me, knowing our history in bowl games.

We need a gelled defense with new intensity and have the right players and coaches. We need a quarterback to step up huge and have the talent and proven coaching. We have a proven running game and proven star at wideout. We need athletic role players to step up, which is rarely a weakness at GEORGIA anymore.

We can’t lose anymore home games. Grantham for national defensive coordinator of the year, and Murray as best SEC newcomer. If we can hit on these marks, all the other pieces are in place – including the best special teams in amateur sport, a loaded and versatile rushing offense, a fast defense. We have all the tools at UGA, all the tools and have been #2 and #3 nationally since the great Coach Mark Richt came to UGA, and another year we still managed to win the conference title. We have had three huge recent seasons at GEORGIA and a fourth shall net us the National Title we all crave as a rabid fanbase, perhaps.