How Georgia Can Win It All

How Georgia Can Win It All

Han Vance on Georgia football: Win six games, is the short answer, y’all.

When we saw Georgia sittin’ pretty ahead of mighty BAMA in the CFP committee rankings on Tuesday night, it became utterly apparent that UGA was destined for the national championship two-round tournament if the Dawgs can win…simply win, four more football games.

Six and it’s the big rings – we can have our parades, finally, y’all. I can crack this and mix it with some mid-shelf (like I like it, best, brother!) bourbon, lustily chug the heck out of it:

Any program that has gone 11-1 in consecutive regular seasons and now sits at 8-1 surely has the on-field proven potential to win another four or five games, this season.

Could the karma come around and Georgia be the team that locks out a one-loss, cupcake-craving Nick Saban? Yes. Here’s why: CANINES vs CATHOLICS


Greg McGarity and an associate-level athletic department employee (not Coach Kirby Smart! who has since become involved in future scheduling, with his personal football ops mgr) who is no longer with UGA scheduled the Irish. It’d be a wee negative now for me to have to point out that, like last year, the next couple of years have no near equivalent on the docket, and Georgia was fifth in last year’s final CFP rankings and started the 2017 rankings at number one…then went out and lost, 40-17 at Auburn.

1. BEAT AUBURN – Auburn has dropped 5-of-6 and 11-of-14 to the Dawgs, while Kirby has gone an unacceptable 0-3 on the road versus the overvalued SEC West. Hit the dozen in 15!

2. WIN SENIOR DAY – My grandfather, an aviation pioneer who had his papers issued by Wilbur Wright, a veteran of WWI and WWII, a pilot instructor who owned an airport and early flight school in downtown San Antonio, an early hire by American Airlines when it was, I believe, American Airways or some such who flew DFW-NYC-LA-Mexico City and was one of the “original jet setters” (with Frances “Nanny” Vance)…Paul Albert Vance went to Texas A&M before all this, before his untimely death, before my life. Big shoutout to a great member of our alumni, Jonathon “Johnny” Paul Albert Vance (Honors). They’ve lost three.

3. REDOUT THE OLD GOLD – Tech used to be able to compete with, even beat, Ol’ Georgia (1785). View from the upper deck of the Midtown skyline is the best in football, when U-G-A runs below.

4. ATL, ATL – LSU almost lost to a three-loss Texas who lost to a downturned TCU. They pulled away late but in reality barely beat a Florida who couldn’t move the ball on Georgia. On the bayou. The Swamp beasts got just 17 on Georgia in the GATOR BOWL. #1 LSUX blew a 20-point lead Saturday, escaped, yielding 40+ points. Auburn, who has an inferior defense to GEORGIA – these Dawgs yield 10 points a game, folks – held LSU to 23 on the bayou. This ain’t no bayou, Bengals. Shockley that coon-ass!

5. ATL or ZONA, brah – We could be right back home in the Peach, where I have been many-many times. Or, I love the desert, I found out. It’s so cool…at night, warm-to-hot by day. Great place to get down, man, Justin Fields, BlondJesus will love it…until they get stuffed by Kirby. WIN!

6. YES in NOLA – WIN! Win it all, Dawgs! Win it all. The nation suffered through a NY6 sUGAr Bowl loss to Texas on the first day of 2019. Here’s to 2020! May old acquaintances…kiss my grits!

Party Like It’s 1980!