How Georgia’s Bubble Could Burst

UGA looks like an invitee to the Big Dance, with 20 wins, no bad losses, a decent RPI and decent strength of schedule. However, 20-win SEC West Champion BAMA has an abysmal strength of schedule and far below stellar RPI, which may end up being the negative key for Georgia, should BAMA beat Georgia Friday at 1:00 p.m. in Atlanta.

If the tournament selection committee passes on Bama, the thinking goes, they may also pass on a Georgia team that has lost to Bama in two consecutive games for the Tide. Or if the committee decides they can only choose one, wouldn’t they take the winner in that game. First, UGA must win against Auburn at 1:00 p.m. Thursday to even get to play Friday. In an odd twist, a loss in the first round might actually serve UGA better than a loss in the second round, in terms of selection committee consideration, as losing to BAMA twice hurts our chances of playing in the Big Dance.

If Georgia loses to Auburn, I think we get in as a 12 seed. If we beat both Auburn and BAMA, we would probably move up to a 10 seed. Lose to BAMA again, and the DAWGS may be headed to the NIT.