How One Swap Could Matter in ATL

How One Swap Could Matter in ATL

Han Vance on Georgia football: With the loss of Jaylen Waddle to injury for the year, Alabama has lost their most explosive football player.

Waddle was an All-SEC punt/kick returner and the SEC Special Teams Player of the Year for 2019. He was on-pace to be an All-SEC wide receiver as well, for 2020, for the #2 Tide.

Veteran OC Steve Sarkisian was able to use the group attention needed to cover Waddle – faster than the UGA DBs – to get isolation situations for their third wideout Metchie III and last year’s team-leading wideout DeVonta Smith.

What wasn’t talked about much by the media covering the last game was that DJ Daniel, UGA’s third corner, was out for the contest. He runs a legit 4.4 or better and was the top JUCO get a season back, and he played well last season alongside Stokes Jr. and Campbell.

Swap Waddle out for Daniel in, and the schemes automatically change for the Georgia defense in covering the Alabama offense.

With speedy little Waddle in and without the 6-foot DJ, Georgia still led Bama with 4:04 left in the game, on the road, with the whole weight of the rivalry squarely on our kids’ shoulders and the Georgia offense scoring 24 in the first half then 0 in the second.

The rematch is set for The 404, if Georgia can remain above Florida (2-1).

With Alabama rushing for just 3.4 yards a carry to Georgia’s 4.8 a gash in the game and the further development of UGA’s younger rushers (Milton/McIntosh), to allow any UGA starting QB to throw way less than 40 passes (Bennett 18-40), Georgia can win in Atlanta.