Herschel Walker, action figure?

THE greatest college athlete of all-time is a good business person and man. That’s, like totally, three identities right there. Not to mention he went to class, ate ice cream and tied his shoes at various stages of his development. A disorder is simply a group of behaviors and thoughts packaged into a neat definition. I usually enjoy my ADHD but my OCD can drive me nuts. Is it “real” or is life just a box of chocolates? The name for Herschel the Great’s “disorder” is abbreviated “DID,” and did Herschel in fact have multiple personalities throughout his career(s) is the question. Do we all??? He believes his multi-faceted and mostly beneficient life to be somewhat unique in its compartmental nature or he would not have written the book. He simply does not want any more money bad enough to fabricate something this bizarre. Read and judge for yourselves, or better yet, JUDGE NOT lest you be judged. That was my bible-thumper me saying that, I guess. I do know this much: My Herschel Walker action figure knows his place on the bookshelf as well as he knows the endzone…and he is THE greatest college athlete (toy) of all-time. Mr. Walker is a respectful and deservedly well-respected man. I will read his book and suggest you do, too. Right after you read mine, WHAT IT FELT LIKE, $18. That was my salesman me that said that. You can order right here on my page. It covers the many emotions of one rabid Dawgs’ fan throughout one serious rollercoaster of a season, 2007. I was up/down/high/low. A poet, a writer, a journalist, a business person, a friend, a dad, a mean-spirited adversarial fan and a good Christian. And that was just one season.