"I'm a Dawg, You're a Dawg" (humor book)

“I’m a Dawg, You’re a Dawg” (humor book)

BIG HAIRY BLAWG heartily endorses this laugh-out-loud humorous book of 1970’s UGA Bulldog life, true stories by: author/alumni Jeffry A. Head, a Cartersville, Georgia native:

I’m a Dawg, You’re a Dawg and We All Picked Up Some Fleas in Athens (paperback, just $16) ~ Get your Dawg a copy today! #ImaDawg

NOW AVAILABLE AT: www.silverstonepress.com

~Who let the Dawgs out? UGA in the mid-seventies; the Dawgs were loose. No dawg catcher in Athens could keep pace with this pack of Red Clay hounds and the tall tales they lived.

I’m a Dawg COVER