Is RBU Over?

Is RBU Over?

Han Vance on Georgia football: When Swift went down on the flats in my hometown of Atlanta proper, after two egregious fumbles which were straight up bad plays, it looked flaky.

He looked like any Philly playground punk pretending to be hurt to protect his ego and considerable rep. Before bolting for the pros.

It was out of character and the type of off we hadn’t seen from him since a sad straight up no-show in the Sugar Bowl meltdown versus Texas. The game where he looked hungover.

Sure, not as flaky as getting in a fight with your helmet on – George Pickens is a bonafide rotten apple it (still) seems – and missing the first half of the upcoming SECCG, costing your teammates/school when it mattered most.

It was only a matter of time until GEORGIA outflagshipped a tiny Tech trying to rebuild and putting up a galant fight. It was, when the dust settled, the worst busting up in long series history.

Talent prevailed over heart.

The next game was LSU, a more talented team than a lessened UGA playing with Swift as just a decoy: he really was hurt and would’ve had to hit a hundred or maybe a buck-fifty to keep the game close much longer, with our three key wideouts all suspended and hurt.

It was a mismatch, folks. Feature runner Zamir White was not a weapon at all in the game. In the Swift era, he didn’t ever have to be.

Pickens-from-Fromm went off for 12 grabs in yet another Sugar Bowl (he has 13 total this year!) to open some room to run against Baylor, and ZEU$ had his best game.

About 90 hard yards. No flash.

Since the Swift injury, as Mike G was just saying to Paul F today, UGA has 286 carries with no running back busting one for more than 26 yards. This big problem I was told not to worry about in the offseason is the problem still at UGA. No explosion at runner.

Georgia has had legit NFL starter runners in a continuum from Gurley on: Gurley, Chubb, Sony, Swift, two to three at a time, at times, even NFL bust Holyfield had a 1,000-yard year before going pro early – should’ve stayed.

Kirby Smart has simply not recruited running backs well enough is one take; beyond Swift no great ones above are Kirby gets.

Holyfield and Herrien aren’t heroes. White is a big-name bust.

McIntosh and Cook are change of pace, ball out of the backfield in space guys, more scat back than traditional powerful Georgia studs.

It’s past time for Kendall Milton to be given a chance to dominate football games. RBU needs a game breaker.

California in the house, he could pair with top-talent QB JT Daniels, who I first broke was being held back by a family/personal doctor, not any other situation, but y’all still haven’t quite grasped that, still asking Coach the same (old, tired) questions.

Could two Cali boys be the answer(s)?

Can Milton restore RBU?