Jake Fromm Wants More

Jake Fromm Wants More

Han Vance on American college football: Spiteful prick Steve Spurrier first coined the term “talking season” to encapsulate the time period of and around SEC Media Days. But, the phrase takes on a different and more exciting meaning for the diehard college football fans who make their annual travel and social plans for at least the first third of the season, if not throughout it all, during the hot month of August.

Merv wasn’t as down this offseason, he replied a query I lofted over the phone about the funky depression we had collectively suffered the winter after the loss of the national championship game in overtime. It wasn’t as bad the second time around, somehow, losing to the Tide in a game mostly-matching the year prior’s ultimate game. ‘Twas also so eerily similar to the late, great Aaron Murray and Richt loss to them, in that it was likewise a league title game that went down to the last gasp where Georgia should have won, not a national finale.

Woe the long suffering Georgia fan in his natural habitat: GEORGIA…I love it here.

I’ve got my bustling urban megalopolis hometown and then my lovely little college one up the road, with folks nearby out in Marietta and Woodstock. Wife’s side in the Augusta/Aiken area. My sister just bought an old farmhouse 15 miles or so outside Athens. More and more few fun friends back in Athens.

Didn’t replay the conversation for Merv on the phone just then but he had been saying last year, of the year prior, that the thing about that 2017 season was the “highs were very high.” Which can only accentuate the dichotomous feelings that come when the lows come. In retrospect, the 2018 season – which had the same regular season record and result, 11-1 SEC East champions – never had near the lofty peeks of our SEC championship year.

Merv, Trav and I had busted up to Bluegrass Kentucky, a surprise location for a de facto SEC East championship game, which was about as good as the regular season got, although it’s always important to beat Florida, Tech, Auburn, Tennessee and South Carolina. Sweeping all the rivals is so sweet.

But, is Bama actually Georgia’s biggest rival nationally right now? With the Tide stopping Georgia’s chances at a long past due national championship the past two campaigns – and gunslinger Jake Fromm back for another crack at them – it can be argued that in-the-moment Alabama-Georgia matters the single most.

People are already pencilling the two in for another collision course meeting in Atlanta, and Georgia gets to visit the Capstone the following year. Mark Richt coached Georgia to an overtime victory over Nick Saban and Alabama the last day UGA was there, with five big-time Bama wins coming between.

LSU appears the biggest threat to the Tide in the West after winning 10 or more games for the first time in half of a decade, but the last LSU team to beat Alabama was coached by Nick Saban. Georgia is probably the only league team that can take out Bama, this year. With Clemson out there for them, too.

Out of conference, the hype just keeps building for the CANINES vs CATHOLICS game, where home standing Georgia has not lost Between the Hedges in two full years. Vegas sees Ol’Georgia as double-digit favs.

While I see Florida as the real, legit challenger to Georgia in the SEC East this season, the Gators lost four-of-five starting offensive linemen. Conversely, the Wall of Georgia is the team’s strength. Add a Fromm who is proven and oh-so hungry still, and the sky is literally the limit for the 2019 Bulldogs.

A dominant offensive front with the multitude of athletic playmakers on the roster getting the ball from perhaps the best quarterback in school history, a powerful running game and maturing defense. While the Georgia D is young on the perimeter, with a true frosh and a JUCO transfer starting outside, the rest of the defense should benefit from the years of hard, technical coaching and improve. Georgia was the single youngest team in the SEC last season and still went 11-1.

Since then, the Dawgs are on an unimaginable two-game slide.

The pretty stars may have to align perfectly…Georgia wins it all this year.