Jordan Davis Comin' Home

Jordan Davis Comin’ Home

The 4th of September means more to many of y’all than the 4th of July, in practical realities, loud and often poorly thought all the way through versions of personal patriotism aside. That’s the day the 2020 madness finally ends in earnest for the superfans, as the 2021 American college football season starts for the national championship contenders from Athens, Ga.

But this is a neutral site game, so don’t expect uneven cheering in the Queen City of the South; conservative banking town; capital of the Carolinas; home of the SEC Network (in a state with not a single SEC team or football powerhouse); college basketball country, actually; NASCAR, even.

Georgia. Clemson. Nighttime. Uptown. There is no Midtown nor Downtown in Charlotte, only what they call Uptown. And nobody is more uptown than big Jordan Davis. The guy wears a full size chain around his junkyard neck, and it fits him.

This very large man from Charlotte led the top defense against the run in the nation for the last two seasons, and if Ol’ Georgia can shore up its pass defense… The addition of an all-ACC transfer corner (from Clemson) and an all-American rover transfer (from West Va – who had the top pass D in the nation last season) should help the cause.

Le Tigre, minus the ACC’s all-time leading rusher (and number one overall NFL draft pick at QB) won’t be able to run on Georgia much at all. They’ll have to throw. They can. They have the skill guys.

We’ll just have to outpace them.

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