JT Blooms

JT Blooms

Han Vance on Georgia football: Boom. The resumption of the JT Daniels era Saturday night in Athens was a solid SEC and SEC East win, as the Dawgs took out a border rival.

Next year, I’ll go to the Border Bash where my father-in-law lives, in Augusta. Then I’ll return to Columbia for a second game trip to South Carolina.

Here and now, last Saturday night, local boy QB Zeb Noland, who came to S. Carolina originally as a graduate assistant, had his hand stepped on by Jalen Carter, a defensive lineman. Ouch, bro! Local boy QB the Mailman, who tied the alltime University of Georgia touchdown passing mark for a game last week – with five, all in the first half, earned a series, on into the game in which UGA were favored by 30+: he went 1-4 with an INT.

JT $ threw a pick, too, but he had 300+ yards passing (23-31 for 303) and a big end zone night (3 TDs). His deep ball is butter, fans, and he’s back on a roll.

Now the victims from Vandy host Kirby Smart’s #2 ranked Dawgs at noon (EST), before the fall schedule stiffens significantly with a ranked nooner Hog-Dawg rodeo in Athens, a mid-season road game on the plains of Auburn for the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry, then a Homecoming visit from the now-undefeated Kentucky Wildcats.

This team is seeing improving health from its playmakers and an infusion of hurt talent expected to return or get further production when more well this season. This is a clear national championship caliber football team.


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