Kennesaw Today (Floor-duh is next)

Them Diamond Dawgs are blinging…and winning. Georgia is off to the best conference start in school history (14-3-1 SEC). It is time to get excited about baseball, y’all. The new number 5 team (Collegiate Baseball poll, Monday) in this great nation plays one of my (other) family schools today in baseball. ATHENS, GA, Foley Field, 5pm. My ex-wife got her 3rd degree (after 2 from the Concrete Campus at Georgia State – where she was a DJ at Album 88) from Kennesaw. The oldest of my 3 baby brothers received his Master’s from Kennesaw after undergrad at GEORGIA and actually routes for “them” in basketball when they happen to play “us.” My literary manager went to Kennesaw – he is one of the biggest Dawgs’ football fans I know. So KSU is a family school*…and I hope we crush them in baseball. We won at KSU. They won at UGA. Are we really gonna drop the annual series to them? Go Dawgs! Floor-duh is next; we play at Floor-duh starting friday. Have I mentioned I don’t like them very much?

(*other family schools: Texas Christian University, Life University, Warren Wilson College, Nebraska Wesleyan, Texas A&M, Rice University, Lassiter High, Marietta High, Oakwood High)